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What are Adhesive-backed ID Cards?

When using a door security access system, many companies generally use the clamshell-style proximity card. For one, they are typically less expensive than the printable-style cards.Adhesive-backed ID Card

Clamshell-style proximity cards like the ValuProx brand are typically more cost-effective in cases where there are high turnover rates within an organization or when ID cards need to be reprinted on a regular basis.

You may be thinking, “Thanks for the tip! But what about the photo ID that we also need for our ID card program?” Instead of having to issue two separate cards (one for door access and another for the photo ID), we recommend using the adhesive-backed PVC card to combine them into one!

The adhesive-backed PVC cards allow you to print the photo ID with your PVC card printer, quickly and easily peel off the back, and then adhere it to the clamshell proximity card. If that individual leaves the company, just re-issue the proximity card to the new employee and print out a new adhesive backed card. Viola!

When selecting the adhesive-backed cards that best fit your organization’s specific requirements, you’ll notice that there are a few different sizes and styles available. We carry both paper-backed and Mylar-backed adhesive cards. The backing is the part that is discarded after printing the ID card. Some printers work better with paper-backed cards while others prefer the sturdier Mylar-backed adhesive cards.

Next is the size. Available in CR79 and CR80 sizes, you’ll want to check your printer specifications on which card size is accepted by the printer you have. As a general rule, here are the types and sizes of adhesive backed cards that work best by brand:

It’s important to note that adhesive-backed cards are not recommended for use with reverse transfer-style printers or when lamination is necessary. If you’re not sure what type of adhesive backed card you need, just call an ID Professional today at (800) 321-4405!

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