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What is a Signature Capture Pad?

Signature Capture Pads

A signature capture pad is a device that electronically captures a person’s handwritten signature on an LCD touchpad using a pen-type stylus. As a user digitally “signs” a data capture’s LCD touchpad, a sensor “reads” the pressure from the tip of the stylus, transmitting signature data to a computer.

The LCD touchpads on several of the signature capture pad models we carry offer a backlit feature. It allows a user to see “electronic ink” under the pen tip as it is signed as well as navigate between data screens to read agreements and select options for a given transaction.

Once captured, digital signatures can be imported into and used with most ID software and security programs. Signatures can also be digitally stored for future use.

For an added layer of security, a number of signature capture pad models also include a fingerprint capture sensor, like the Topaz IDGem LCD Biometric Signature Capture Terminal or the Topaz IDLite LCD Fingerprint Scanner & Signature Capture Pad.

What are the most common uses for signature capture pads?

Replacing signed paper documentation with a streamlined electronic signature process using a signature capture pad allows organizations to improve efficiencies as well as save considerable time, resources, and money.

These devices are most commonly used by retail stores, financial institutions, government entities, and insurance agencies. They are used for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • adding a signature to an ID card
  • signing forms, contracts, or other paperwork
  • signing receipts

How do I know which signature capture pad should I buy?

The signature capture pad you purchase will depend upon how to you intend to use it to digitally capture signatures. When purchasing a signature capture pad, the frequency of use and the environment it will be in should be considered.

If the application requires a high volume of exposure or multiple screens to navigate with data, a more rugged model with a larger LCD pad or screen would be the optimal choice, providing added device longevity and reliability.

In addition, we suggest purchasing a signature capture pad with a backlit LCD panel. This provides a clear display of the electronic ink under the pen’s tip as the user signs. The backlit feature enables users to clearly see the LCD screen in any type of lighting condition.

For more information on  signature capture pads, call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405. We can help you find the right model for your organization’s specific needs.

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