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What is HoloKote?


HoloKote is an exclusive feature available only from Magicard. It allows you to print a watermark on your cards with your Magicard Enduro or Rio Pro printer without any added costs.

The watermark is printed during the normal card printing cycle using the O panel of a standard color ribbon; there is no need to purchase expensive holographic lamination! The HoloKote watermark becomes visible when the card is viewed at an angle and can be easily enabled or disabled in your printer driver.

Types of HoloKote

There are three types of HoloKote designs:

  • Standard HoloKote options vary with each Magicard printer. For example, the Magicard Rio Pro and Rio Pro Xtended include four standard designs as seen below:
Standard Magicard Holokote Designs
  • Custom HoloKote allows you to print the logo or image of your choice in a repeated pattern across the card, taking your card security to a higher level.
  • Custom HoloKote Flex allows you to print a single logo or image of any shape or size anywhere on the card, providing added flexibility.

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