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What are YMCKO Ribbons?

Most people are familiar with a desktop inkjet printer ribbon and expect an ID card printer ribbon to be the same.Actual ID Card Printer Color Ribbon While there are similarities, there are also some important differences. In order for ID card printers to print on plastic cards, they use different technology and, therefore, the ribbon is different. ID card printers typically use ribbons that are sectioned into a number of panels. The panel types vary and can be a little confusing if you're not familiar with them. The panels are represented by letters. One of the most common types of ribbons used for single-sided ID card printers is the YMCKO ribbon. YMCKO stands for:
  • Y = Yellow dye sublimation panel
  • M = Magenta dye sublimation panel
  • C = Cyan dye sublimation panel
  • K = Black resin panelStandard YMCKO Ribbon Color Panels
  • O = Overlay panel
YMCKO ribbons are ideal for printing full-color single-sided cards. In addition to the color panels (Y, M, and C), they include a resin black panel (K). The K panel is designed for printing barcodes and crisp text and an overlay panel (O) that provides a thin layer of protection to your cards, helping to slightly delay fading and normal wear and tear. The ribbon that best suits your needs will depend on what you'll be printing on your cards and how your cards will be used. ID Wholesaler offers a complete selection of ID card printer ribbons. Contact our ID Professionals at (800) 321-4405 for help selecting the right ribbon for your needs.
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