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Zebra’s ZC350 LT Card Printer: Replacement for Zebra ZXP Series 3

Available in either single-sided or dual-sided ID card printer, the latest innovation from Zebra is the ZC350 LT Series card printer. It replaces the popular Zebra ZXP Series 3 printer and offers more advanced visual security than its predecessor, as well as other card printers in its class.Zebra ZC350 LT ID Card Printer The modular ZC350 LT ID badge machine was engineered with one of the slimmest, most compact designs on the market. With such a small footprint, this powerful ID printer is ideal for any sized office. The graphical LED/LCD display features highly intuitive operation, so almost anyone can operate this reliable direct-to-card printer. It comes complete with a variety of field-upgradable configuration options, including:
  • Encoding Whether you're printing employee photo ID badges, access control cards, gift cards, or membership cards, choose the encoding option that's best for your organization's card issuance needs.
    • Magnetic stripe encoder - ISO 7811 (new and pre-encoded; tracks: 1, 2, and 3; high- and low-coercivity; stripe down and stripe up with dual-sided printers)
    • Combined MIFARE
    • ISO 14443 A & B (13.56 MHz) contactless with 1 SAM Module Slot with support for reading Prox ISO 11784, iCLASS ISO 15693, and ISO 7816 Contact Encoder with EMV level 1 certification, and PC/SC compliance
    • ISO 7816 Smart Card Contact Station for third party external contact encoders
    • Third-party contactless encoder integration kit
  • USB, Ethernet & WiFi connectivity Featuring standard high-speed USB and Ethernet ports, the the ZC350 LT can easily integrate anywhere you need it. With its built-in internal print server, you can install the printer on your existing network (LAN). You'll get remote access printing without having the printer directly connected to a computer. For mobile printing, the printer can optionally be WiFi-enabled.
High-capacity printing Create up to 225 full-color cards an hour or 500 monochrome cards. The Magicard Rio Pro card printer's 100-card capacity input hopper and 70-card stacker provide worry-free, continuous batch card printing. You also have the flexibility to produce cards on-the-fly with the hand-feed slot. Upgrades available for a 200-card input hopper and output stacker. The ZC350 LT prints 225 single-sided cards an hour - that's 75 more cards an hour than the ZXP Series 3 printers! Game-changing specialty ribbons The ZC350 LT printer includes a variety of ribbons exclusively designed to make your credentials last longer, be more noticeable and save you money. With Zebra's Intelligent technology, printer ribbons are automatically detected and authenticated. Depending on your program requirements, Zebra offers the following ribbon choices for your card-printing needs:
  • Long-life ribbons - Adds a protective layer to card surfaces which dramatically increase card longevity - minus the expense of lamination!
  • Color-shifting ribbons - Reinforce card security with a color-shifting logo or security mark. The pearlescent ribbons embed color-transforming graphics which are hard to duplicate or modify. These can also be applied to variable data, such as name, ID number, etc.
  • 3D metallic image ribbons - Create a metallic underlay to make logos or images stick out from the crowd. These ribbons are an ideal choice for loyalty/membership cards, corporate event credentials and more.
Manual card feed guide Print cards one by one or in small, multi-card batches printing - whatever your application demands. Unlike most ID badge machines in its class, the ZC350 LT Series printer offers quieter operation, so it won't interrupt others in the office when cards are being printed. Fast & simple ribbon changing Zebra has created a new ribbon door latch unlocks and opens in a single motion, and the door-handle style grip makes it simple to remove or insert ribbons. With embedded smart chips, you never have to guess when to change your printer ribbons. Flexible printing options Along with its professional-level 300 dpi dye-sublimation printing, the Zebra ZC350 LT printer provides built-in monochrome printing. Unlike many direct-to-card printers on the market that exclusively print on CR80-sized cards, the ZC350 LT is also capable of printing on CR79 cards. With its extra-large 100-card input hopper, this card printer allows you to print a large volume of cards in a single batch. For more information on the Zebra ZC350 LT Series card printer, call a friendly ID Professional today at (800) 321-4405. We're here to help!
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