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The Anatomy of a Basic Photo ID Badge

The equipment & supplies you’ll need to add basic elements to a photo ID badge.

1. Custom Card Design

Most photo ID software includes card templates to get you started on your badge design. Or, design a card from scratch using your own images, graphics, and logos. Either way, ID software makes it easy to create unique ID badges to make your brand shine!

2. Cardholder information

Photo ID software makes it easy to add cardholder information to your ID cards. Most can even connect to a database so that all your card data is easily accessed.

3. Cardholder photo

An ID camera will make your life so much easier! A simple webcam lets you save images so that they can be placed within your card template right
from your software. Some cameras come with software that even recognizes
the face and will crop your images for you.

4. Barcode

Even the most basic photo ID software can add a barcode to your ID badges. Barcodes are a cost-effective way to include data on your cards that can be scanned and used in other systems, such as time and attendance. A barcode reader will be needed to scan barcodes.

5. Dual-sided printing

Printing some of your cardholder data on the back of your cards will keep the front of your cards looking their best! Dual-sided printers (aka, duplex printers) print on both sides of your card in one process, saving you time and money.


Now that you have the basics down, check out these design tips to help you develop your organization’s ID badge. Also, be sure to check out the shopping list below to see what you’ll need to get started!

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