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TIMEbadge 08115 Handwritten School Visitor Expiring Badges - Qty. 1,000

  • Qty. 1,000
  • For 2 x 3 adhesive badges
  • Horizontal
  • Choose design

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TEMPbadge 08115 Manual "School Visitor" expiring TEMPbadges are an excellent option for schools. Expiring TIMEbadges are composed of two individual parts, a manual adhesive badge (BACKpart) & a circular expiration indicator (FRONTpart). When combined, the circular expiration indicator start off with a clear background. Over the course of the pre-selected expiration time the clear circular backgrounds of the FRONTpart turn to an orange/brown color. This makes expired badges easily viewable even from a distance and prevents visitors from reusing badges.

To use the expiring TEMPbadges, simply write the visitors name on the front of the badge, remove the backing from the cover and attach it to the front of the badge. Once attached the expiring process will start automatically.

These 2" x 3" horizontal badges come in sheet form with 12 adhesive backed badges per sheet, with 1000 badges in each package. The adhesive badges come with "School Visitor" preprinted in red print. The expiration indicators (FRONTparts) are available in 12 hour & 24 hour expiration times. 12 hour expiration times are available with a blue smiley face image printed on them, as well as clear (no image). 24 hour expiring FRONTparts come with a green apple image.

More Information
Additional Info
  • Quantity: 1000 badges and 1000 timing circles
  • Handwritten
  • Horizontal
  • Badge dimensions: 3" W x 2" H (7.62 cm x 5.08 cm)
  • School Visitor design
  • Timing circle designs - 3:
    • Smiley Face, 1/2 day expiration, part number 08140
    • Clear, 1/2 day expiration, part number 08141
    • Apple, 1 day expiration, part number 08143

Note:Temperature may effect the expiration process. Warmer temperatures may increase the rate at which badges expire and vice-versa. It is not recomended to apply adhesive badges to delicate materials such as silk, corduroy, leather and suede.

Quantity Per Pack1000 Per Pack

TIMEbadge 08115 Expiring School Visitor Badges