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Photo ID Systems

Photo ID Systems

Get everything you need to start printing your photo IDs in a single purchase. Each of our photo ID systems bundles an ID card printer with all the supplies needed to operate your machine and issue cards, saving you time and money. Shop systems by printing capability or by brand below and contact one of our manufacturer-trained ID Professionals if need help finding the right system for your needs. If you don't see a system you like - call and ask about building your own custom system.

Shop Photo ID Systems By Capability

Card Durability

Start printing laminated cards without the hassle of identifying the right components. Get everything needed to print long-lasting ID badges.

High-Volume Printing

Our high-volume systems are made for large quantity card production. Get genuine supplies and software expertly paired with heavy-duty printers!

Visual Card Security

Select from ID card systems specially designed to produce on-card security elements that effectively stop security threats.


Datacard CD810 ID Card System - Dual-Sided

Datacard CD810 System
MSRP: $2,607.50
Our Price: Too Low To Show

Magicard Enduro3E LE ID Card System - Dual-Sided

Magicard Enduro3E Duo System
MSRP: $3,033.00
Our Price: Too Low To Show

Evolis PrimacyID System - Dual-Sided

Evolis PrimacyID System
MSRP: $3,042.00
Our Price: Too Low To Show

Rio Pro LE ID Card System - Dual-Sided

Magicard Rio Pro Duo System
MSRP: $4,033.00
Our Price: Too Low To Show


Tips to Consider When Buying an ID Card Printing System

As ID Professionals, we’ve noticed there a few things to watch out for when purchasing a new ID card system for your organization. We recommend following the tips below when thinking about which system will accommodate your business needs.

1. Don’t buy a printer system based on price alone
When you’re purchasing your ID system, make sure you get a printer that will do the work that the job requires. It’s completely understandable that everyone is trying to stay under their budget as much as possible.

But occasionally, we’ll see a customer purchasing an entry-level printer when in reality, they’re going to be printing a large number of cards. In the long run, they end up spending more money. Why? Because they have to send the printer in for service or they actually end up replace their printer right away because it can’t keep up with the volume of cards they need. In many instances, if you invest an extra $500 to $1,000 dollars in your printer system, you’ll get a machine that will last twice as long.

2. Consider a digital camera
If you’re looking for a quality photo on your ID cards, we definitely recommend using a digital camera. Webcams work well, but they’re unable provide the same quality photo like a digital camera can. Webcams have worked out great for some of our customers when the photo is not that important. But keep in mind that if the quality of the photo is important to your ID card issuance program, we recommend using one of our digital camera bundles with features like auto-cropping that can save you time.

How to Print High-Quality ID Cards

With security being at such a high priority these days, companies and organizations like schools, small businesses, and corporations have taken extra efforts to provide a safe and secure environment for employees and the people within their buildings.

A straightforward and cost-efficient way companies are improving their security efforts is requiring ID badges to be worn at all times. Having a high-quality ID card is important in the workplace because IDs need to be an easy way to identify individuals and whether or not they’re allowed to be certain areas in the workplace. A simple ID requirement may seem to be small, but it can prevent disastrous situations from happening in the first place.

In order to produce high-quality ID cards, there are a few essentials that need to be in place in order to satisfy expectations and security requirements each company has for their badges. These essentials include:

The ID Card Printer
This is the most important part of printing; without a card printer, there is no ID card. The printer creates the badges that represent the company and the employees. It provides the ID cards with a distinctive look that will stand out and is easy to identify.

When it comes to choosing the right ID card printer for your organization’s specific requirements, there are a few things to think about:

  • Image quality
  • Dependability
  • Versatility

In order to buy the right printer for your needs, knowing your expectations of these three items up front will ultimately help you determine the most appropriate ID card printer to purchase. Printers are very similar but also very different; not all printers will provide you with everything your ID card program may need.

What is Needed to Print ID Cards In-House?

In today’s world, photo ID badges are a necessity for organizations. For this reason, many businesses have chosen to print ID cards in-house. They pay to have these photo ID badges created. Most badges include full-color photos and printing on both sides. Many include technology that allows employees to access buildings, sign in and out of work and more.

Printing your ID cards in-house will save you money and allow your company the flexibility to change the design or add different information whenever needed.

Creating a photo ID and printing your cards in-house is easy and requires little time. First, you will need to select the right printer for your requirements. A few options that can be selected are the ability to print on both sides of a card (called “dual-sided printers), encode smart cards and write to magnetic stripes. Printers also vary by printing speed, print quality, connectivity (USB, Ethernet, wireless) and other options.

In order to design and create a photo ID, you also need to invest in some card design software. Card design software includes an easy-to-use template, making it easy to type text, pictures and create a standard template for all your ID cards. Some card design software allows you to save your cards in a database, import from databases, and network the card printer you’re printing to.

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