ID Cards

ID Cards

Basic ID Cards

Learn about the fundamentals of basic ID cards: the common uses by industry and the types of cards that are available.


Advanced ID Cards

Find out which types of ID cards require more sophisticated options for providing stronger visual security and data storage.


Top 5 Considerations when aligning your school’s ID badging requirements with the right printer

Top 5 Considerations for Aligning Your School’s ID Badging Requirements with the Right Printer

Need help finding the right ID card printer for your school? We’re here to help.

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Increasing ID Card Longevity

5 Ways to Increase the Life of an ID Card

Here are five different ways for you to help extend the life of your ID badges!

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How to Make School ID Badges Last Longer

Integrating Multi-use School ID Cards

Student and faculty safety is a top priority, now more than ever. Learn about ways to use school ID badge for more than just access control and visual ID.

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