ID Badge Essentials

ID Badge Essentials

Create a secure ID card design

Five Steps to Create a Secure ID Card Design

Creating a secure ID card design used for badge card issuance is one effective approach used to help protect people and secure the building.

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Essential Employee Badges and Cards

COVID-19 Supplies for Healthcare & Essential Businesses

During uncertain times, like a worldwide health crisis, it’s essential for some businesses to stay open, while others are required to temporarily close. In either event, the decision is made for the safety and support of the organization’s community. But rapid changes make it hard to know what to plan for during these unexpected times. Modifying […]

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How to Design ID Cards

ID Card Design: Learning the Fundamentals

Read our eBook to find out how to design professional-looking credentials.

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Printed ID Cards

How to Make ID Badges

Want to know how to make ID badges? It’s easier than you think! Learn the five steps to getting started with help and insight from ID Wholesaler.

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Plastic PVC ID Cards

Standard ID Card Sizes

Learn about the main differences between the three standard ID card sizes.

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CloudBadging ID Badge Management Software

5 Reasons to Design Your ID Cards with CloudBadging Software

With CloudBadging ID Software, you can create professional-grade ID cards quickly and easily. Find out how!

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ID Card Security Checklist

How to Make ID Cards More Secure

If your ID card program needs to be more secure, our ID Professionals have a variety of ways you can make this happen!

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Rewritable ID Cards

Rewritable ID Cards: An Eco-Friendly Option for Temporary Badges

In addition to being reusable, rewritable ID cards do not require a ribbon to print which greatly reduces waste for your ID card program.

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Custom Badge Lanyards & Badge Reels: Low-cost, High-impact Marketing

Promote your organization’s brand easily and affordably with cost-effective custom lanyards and badge reels!

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Sizes of ID Cards

ID Card Sizes & Dimensions

Find out about the primary differences between the three most common types of ID cards used at organizations large and small.

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How to Implement an Employee ID Badge Policy

Here are the questions to ask if you’re starting a new badge policy at your organization.

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Various ID Card Printers

Consider These Options When Designing ID Cards

When implementing an ID card issuance program, it’s important to think about what you want your ID card design to look like.

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