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Direct-to-Card vs. Retransfer Printing

What is the Difference Between a Direct-to-Card and a Retransfer Printer?

What are the differences between direct-to-card and retransfer ID card printers? Find out now!

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ID Card Printer Videos

Learn About ID Card Printers in Our Video Series

Watch our ID Card Printer Videos to learn about ID card printing, how to select the right printer, how to make ID cards, and more!

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Video: What is an ID Card Printer?

What is an ID Card Printer?

How does the technology inside an ID card printer compare to a standard inkjet printer? Watch the video now to find out!

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Video: Tour of an ID Card Printer

Tour of an ID Card Printer

Take this tour of an ID card printer to get a better understanding of just how ID cards are made.

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Video: How to Choose an ID Card Printer

How to Choose an ID Card Printer

Asking these 5 easy questions will help you decide which features you’ll want your ID card printer to have. Watch it now!

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Video: Why Laminate Plastic ID Cards?

Why Would I Need to Laminate Plastic Cards?

Find out why laminating your plastic ID cards will not only make them last longer but also save you money. Watch our video now!

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Video: Top 5 Benefits of Retransfer Printing

Top Five Benefits of Retransfer Printers

Watch our video to learn about the top five benefits of retransfer ID card printing to help you determine whether this printing technology is for you.

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