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Survey Shows ID Badging Programs Expected to Grow in 2023

We’re excited to share the results from our 2023 State of ID Badging survey with you! We’ll break down responses to questions about how ID badging programs are expected to change, the trends behind the changes, how participants shop for ID supplies, and the adoption of new access control solutions.

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Five Steps to Create a Secure ID Card Design

Creating a secure ID card design used for badge card issuance is one effective approach used to help protect people and secure the building.

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COVID-19 Supplies for Healthcare & Essential Businesses

During uncertain times, like a worldwide health crisis, it’s essential for some businesses to stay open, while others are required to temporarily close. In either event, the decision is made for the safety and support of the organization’s community. But rapid changes make it hard to know what to plan for during these unexpected times. Modifying […]

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Printers & Systems

We know investing in a card printer is important to you. That's why you'll find everything you need to become a confident shopper in our Learning Center.

Learning About Your Printer or System

Our extensive resources provide an overview of printer technologies and the options that are available based on your business needs.


Maintaining Your Printer or System

As a printer owner, we'll help you get the most out of your investment with the information you need to keep it in top operating condition.


Card Printer Supplies

We stock the largest selection of ID card printer supplies from only the top manufacturers: Fargo, Persona, Magicard, Evolis, Zebra, Nisca, Datacard, NBS, and Polaroid.

ID Cards

ID cards are used in many different ways and can include a variety of technologies. Learn everything you need to know about cards here, from the basics to advanced.

Basic ID Cards

Learn about the fundamentals of basic ID cards: the common uses by industry and the types of cards that are available.


Advanced ID Cards

Find out which types of ID cards require more sophisticated options for providing stronger visual security and data storage.


Card Design Resources

If you want professional-looking ID badges that represent your organization and your brand, our card design fundamentals will help you every step of the way.

Five Steps to Create a Secure ID Card Design

Creating a secure ID card design used for badge card issuance is one effective approach used to help protect people and secure the building.

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ID Cards on Demand – We can print your badges for you!

Printing your own badges isn’t for every organization. ID Wholesaler now offers ID Cards on Demand – a badge printing service with flexible options.

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How to Design ID Cards

ID Card Design: Learning the Fundamentals

Read our eBook to find out how to design professional-looking credentials.

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Learn about the ID card software features your ID card program needs to simplify the decision of which software is the right choice for you.

Learning About Software

Find out how to select the best ID card software application for the unique needs of your ID card program.


Maintaining Your Software

If your ID card needs change over time, learn how to upgrade your software for more advanced features and functionality.


ID Cameras

By understanding which type of camera and camera equipment you'll need for your employee photos, you can create higher quality, more professional-looking ID cards.

Taking Great ID Card Photos

5 Steps for Taking Great ID Card Photos

If you’re responsible for taking your organization’s ID card photos, ensure high-quality results with these simple tips.

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Why Choose ID Wholesaler?

Our Account Managers listen to you to help you find the ID solution that best fits your needs and budget.

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Professional Backdrop

Why are Photo ID Backdrops Important?

If you want professional-looking employee photos for your ID cards, a photo ID backdrop is an affordable investment.

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Badge Holders, Reels & Lanyards

Protect your ID card or badge with the right badge accessory! From badge holders to lanyards, reels, clips and everything in between, we've got you covered.

Data Capture

5 Ways to Better Keyless Entry

Watch a video recording of a webinar that shares how SMART access solutions can help you more affordably update your building’s keyless entry system. Hear how easy it is to add SMART technology to your existing access control system using mobile credentials and keyless door locks to capture hassle-free flexibility. You’ll be wowed by the […]

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Why Your Business Needs an Access Control System

Small- and medium-sized business (SMB) leaders have a lot on their plate — now more than ever. Your time is pulled in a million different directions, with 20 of the 50+ hours the typical SMB leader works every week getting eaten up by peripheral, non-revenue generating tasks like administration and HR. It might seem like […]

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7 Things to Consider When Selecting an Access Control System

Congratulations! You’ve made the savvy decision to upgrade how you secure your small- or medium-sized business (SMB) with a smart access control system. Between the increased security risks that businesses face and employee demand for greater flexibility, this situation is a no-brainer. Traditional locks and physical keys just don’t allow for the security, simplicity and […]

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Case Studies

Be inspired by the creative and innovative ways that ID Wholesaler has helped businesses both large and small build customized card printing programs.


Patients at Children’s Therapy Center of the Quad Cities give Temperature Screening Kiosks a Thumbs-up

For the Children’s Therapy Centers of the Quad Cities, the Temperature Screening Kiosk offered more than a safe and efficient method to screen temperatures for hundreds of patients. It turned out to be a big hit with young patients that delighted in the unique scanning technology!

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Mercer University Includes Temperature Screening Kiosks in Campus Safety Program

Mercer University needed a fast, accurate and self-running temperature screening solution to add to its Health Initiative. The Temperature Screening Kiosk provided the perfect solution for a higher-education setting.

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How Broward County District School Partnered with ID Wholesaler to Enforce Security Protocol

Learn how Hallandale High School in Florida partnered with ID Wholesaler to enforce stronger security protocols for students and staff.

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Video Library

Video: What is an ID Card Printer?

What’s the Difference Between Direct-to-Card & Retransfer Printers?

What are the differences between direct-to-card and retransfer ID card printers? Find out now!

ID Card Printer Videos

Learn About ID Card Printers in Our Video Series

Watch our ID Card Printer Videos to learn about ID card printing, how to select the right printer, how to make ID cards, and more!

Video: What is an ID Card Printer?

Video: What is an ID Card Printer?

How does the technology inside an ID card printer compare to a standard inkjet printer? Watch the video now to find out!

Industry Solutions

Learn about what you'll need to start making ID cards for schools, colleges and universities, churches, casinos and gaming, police departments, and more!