ID Badge Essentials

Learning everything you need to know about starting your ID badge program can be overwhelming. Rest assured, you'll find all the important basics here!

Badge Design Tips

ID Badge Design Tips

Want professional-looking ID badges for your organization? Our design tips make it easy!

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Basic ID Card

The Anatomy of a Basic Photo ID Badge

Learn how to make basic photo ID badges, including the equipment and supplies you’ll need and types of information to feature on the cards.

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How to Make ID Badges

How to Make Your Own ID Badges

Learn the benefits of an in-house ID card program and how to make badges in just 5 simple steps.

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Printers & Systems

We know investing in a card printer is important to you. That's why you'll find everything you need to become a confident shopper in our Learning Center.

Learning About Your Printer or System

Our extensive resources provide an overview of printer technologies and the options that are available based on your business needs.


Maintaining Your Printer or System

As a printer owner, we'll help you get the most out of your investment with the information you need to keep it in top operating condition.


Card Printer Supplies

We stock the largest selection of ID card printer supplies from only the top manufacturers: Fargo, Persona, Magicard, Evolis, Zebra, Nisca, Datacard, NBS, and Polaroid.

ID Cards

ID cards are used in many different ways and can include a variety of technologies. Learn everything you need to know about cards here, from the basics to advanced.

Basic ID Cards

Learn about the fundamentals of basic ID cards: the common uses by industry and the types of cards that are available.


Advanced ID Cards

Find out which types of ID cards require more sophisticated options for providing stronger visual security and data storage.


Card Design Resources

If you want professional-looking ID badges that represent your organization and your brand, our card design fundamentals will help you every step of the way.

ID Badge Design Tips Guide

Sample ID Card Designs

If you need great ideas for your ID cards, be sure to see our card samples and download our free Design Guide!

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CardExchange Visitor Software

Download a Free Trial of CardExchange Visitor Software

Test drive the features and tools of CardExchange Visitor Management Software with a FREE 30-day trial. Download your trial software today.

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Information on ID Cards

What Information Should I Put on My ID Badges?

Before designing your ID badges, it’s important to understand what information will be placed on the cards. Here’s a helpful list to get you started!

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Learn about the ID card software features your ID card program needs to simplify the decision of which software is the right choice for you.

Learning About Software

Find out how to select the best ID card software application for the unique needs of your ID card program.


Maintaining Your Software

If your ID card needs change over time, learn how to upgrade your software for more advanced features and functionality.


ID Cameras

By understanding which type of camera and camera equipment you'll need for your employee photos, you can create higher quality, more professional-looking ID cards.

Learn About ID Cameras

Get the latest information on photo ID cameras to help you make a confident decision before you're ready to make your purchase.


Maintain Your ID Camera

Get helpful tips on taking professional-looking photos for ID cards and how to properly maintain your camera and equipment.


Badge Accessories

Protect your ID card or badge with the right badge accessory! From badge holders to lanyards, reels, clips and everything in between, we've got you covered.

Data Capture

Find out how data capture devices like barcode scanners, magstripe and proximity card readers, signature capture pads, and fingerprint scanners add or read data stored on ID cards.

Learn About Data Capture

Get valuable tips on how to select the right data capture device for your card technology and application.


Maintain Your Data Capture Devices

Learn about the important maintenance information for keeping your data capture devices in top working order.


Case Studies

Be inspired by the creative and innovative ways that ID Wholesaler has helped businesses both large and small build customized card printing programs.

Case Study: The Newseum

A Membership Card for Exploring Our Freedom of Expression

Learn how ID cards provide a glimpse of the past, present, and future of our First Amendment rights at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

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Case Study: Avid Solutions

Managing Control System Access with an ID Card Solution

Read about how a control system integrator used an ID card program to manage access to their end-to-end user application.

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Case Study: Boulder Administration Services

Delivering Quality Employee Benefit Services with ID Cards

An administrative benefits provider optimized their insurance ID Card Program to cater to a niche market of small business clients.

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Video Library

Learn the essentials you need to know about ID card printing by watching our videos: how to choose the right printer, how to make ID cards, and more!

ID Card Printer Videos

Learn About ID Card Printers in Our Video Series

Watch our ID Card Printer Videos to learn about ID card printing, how to select the right printer, how to make ID cards, and more!

Video: What is an ID Card Printer?

What is an ID Card Printer?

How does the technology inside an ID card printer compare to a standard inkjet printer? Watch the video now to find out!

Video: Tour of an ID Card Printer

Tour of an ID Card Printer

Take this tour of an ID card printer to get a better understanding of just how ID cards are made.

Industry Solutions

Learn about what you'll need to start making ID cards for schools, colleges and universities, churches, casinos and gaming, police departments, and more!