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How do you verify student Identity?

How Do You Verify Student Identity?

Looking for ways to improve school safety and security? ID badges have become one of the best ways to authenticate students and staff, and their usage is deemed an indispensable asset on school campuses to both manage access and monitor the attendance of students and staff.

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Cleaning kits can get your printer working right again.

Troubleshooting Tips for ID Card Printer Issues

There are several reasons why a printer won’t print, luckily, common card printer problems are easily fixed without the need for professional maintenance and repair.

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Special Edition Fargo XE Badge Printers

Quick Comparison Guide for Fargo XE Badge Printers

For over 45 years, Fargo has been a global leader in the development of secure technologies for ID card programs. Many of our customers rely on these printers every day for their badging needs. ID Wholesaler is proud to carry an exclusive line of Fargo XE ID card printers with new, advanced printing options – […]

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