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Enhance your ID program with ID badge lanyards. Simple and effective, these lanyards are worn around the neck and feature a clip or other attachment method for securing and displaying identification cards. At ID Wholesaler, you can shop our extensive inventory of standard, ready-to-ship ID lanyards or customize your order with your preferred color, width, print style, text or graphic, attachment method, and closure type, including safety breakaway options.

Discover the perfect ID badge lanyards to complement your organization's needs and ensure your IDs are always visible and secure. Shop with ID Wholesaler for high-quality lanyards tailored to your specifications.


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The Anatomy of a Lanyard

While the concept of a lanyard is simple, there are a variety of lanyard styles to accommodate many applications. But what are the basic components of any lanyard?Anatomy of a Lanyard

All lanyards feature a strap design that fits around your neck with an attachment to secure and display an ID card or badge.

Depending on the style of lanyard you decide to purchase, you may also have an opportunity to choose the following attachment options:

  1. Breakaway – This is a type of lanyard closure that offers a built-in safety feature on the back. It automatically releases and separates from around the neck of the wearer if it’s pulled or caught, preventing possible choking. It’s also ideal when used in facilities where workers operate machinery, in medical facilities, schools, and more.
  2. Cord Locks or Crimps – With a lanyard cord lock, you can adjust the lanyard for the perfect fit around the neck. Crimps are usually made from nickel-plated metal, crimps fasten the ends of the lanyard together to hold it in place.
  3. Finishing Options – The available finishing options will ultimately depend on the style of lanyard you choose. Finishing options add functionality to your lanyard: ID cards, keys, and cell phones can be worn on the lanyard around the neck, or all of the attachments can be easily removed from the lanyard with a simple clip, like the style shown above.
  4. Attachments – Attach your ID card – or even a set of keys, your cell phone, or water bottle – to your lanyard. The selection of attachment styles offered will depend on the lanyard style. Most attachments are clip-style and require ID cards to be slot punched. Gripper-style attachments allow you to use ID cards that have not been slot punched.
Fabric Options for ID Lanyards

Lanyard Attachments

Everyone likes to have options. After all, variety is the spice of life! And at ID Wholesaler, we have a lot of lanyard fabric and material options available. The fabric or material you select for your lanyards is important. Not only should it be comfortable but also made of quality materials for lasting and reliable use.

Whether you’re looking for a lanyard to use at your next company meeting, special event, or to hold your ID badge every day, our lanyards come in a wide variety of fabric and material types and textures, complete with a huge array of colors and styles to best suit your needs.

Round Braid or Flat Braid

  • Made of long-wearing polypropylene
  • Very inexpensive and most common
  • Perfect to use for short durations (e.g., trade shows, seminars, sales meetings, etc.)


  • Constructed with flexible braided polyester around an inner core
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Uses a black slider in either a round or diamond shape


  • Features a flat form made of tubular polyester
  • Optimal material for silk screen imprinting
  • Designed to use with DTACH attachment options


  • Ribbed, flat polyester material
  • Soft for comfortable wear
  • Best for simple custom imprinting where only a few colors are required


  • Made of soft, satin-like material
  • Comfortable for long-lasting wear
  • Commonly used for imprinting requiring great detail and multiple colors


  • Minimize your footprint
  • PET lanyards are made from 100% recycled material
  • Bamboo lanyards are soft, naturally bacteria-resistant, and biodegradable
Which Lanyard Attachments are Most Common?

When it comes to displaying your ID card or other credentials, one of the most popular ways to do so is a lanyard. Lanyards provide an easy, convenient way to not only secure your ID card but also to keep it prominently displayed while you’re at work or at an event.

In addition to lanyards, we offer a variety of attachments to fasten your ID card to your lanyard. The most common lanyard attachments include:

  • Bulldog clip – These clips offers the easiest way to attach your badge to a lanyard, keeping it completely straight.
  • Swivel clip – Swivel clips securely fasten a badge holder or reel to a lanyard, providing an easy way to keep a badge facing forward.
  • Split ring – Attach your badge directly with a split ring attachment or use it with a strap clip or other attachment.
  • Trigger snap swivel hook – The thumb hook on a trigger snap swivel provides easy and secure attachment and also keeps badges facing forward.