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ID Card Printers

ID Printers

ID Wholesaler is an authorized ID card printer reseller of the industry’s leading brands. Our experts will help you find the right ID card printing machine that best suits your needs, including single-sided and dual-sided, options and give you a free consultation to find the right model for your card printing program. If you are new to ID card printing and have various questions or are a long-time customer in need of a loaner ID printer while your machine is repaired, you can depend on our award-winning service to help you get the right badge printer for your needs.

Card Durability

Increase badge durability and extend card life. From repeated swiping to outdoor exposure, lamination gives ID cards a layer of protection.

High-Volume Printers

Shop high-volume printers for frequent ID card printing or large batch jobs. These printers are built for performance and endurance!

Visual Card Security

Reinforce ID cards with visual authenication features like holograms, foils and die presses. Ideal for high-security environments.

Shop Best Selling ID Card Printers

Item#: 525302-038
$2,298.00  Add To Cart For Price

You Save: $230.00

  • High-volume printing
  • Direct to card printing
  • Single or dual-sided printing
  • Warranty: 3 years
Fargo 70001 DTC1500XE ID Card PrinterFargo 70001 DTC1500XE ID Card Printer
Item#: 70001
$2,299.00 Add To Cart For Price

You Save: $604.00

  • Easily upgradeable
  • Direct to card printing
  • Single or dual-sided printing
  • Warranty: 3 yr + 3 yr loaner coverage
Item#: PM1H0000MS-MD06
$2,150.00  $1,399.99

You Save: $558.00

  • 225 color cards per hr
  • Direct to card printing
  • Single or dual-sided printing
  • Warranty: 3 years
Zebra ZC350 LT Series ID Card PrinterZebra ZC350 LT Series ID Card Printer
Item#: ZC35-000C000USLT
$2,403.63  $1,645.99
  • Replacement for ZXP Series 3
  • Direct to card printing
  • Slim design
  • Single or dual-side printing
  • Warranty: 2 years w/ 2-year loaner
Fargo 70001 DTC1500XE ID Card PrinterFargo 70001 DTC1500XE ID Card Printer
Item#: 70010
$5,044.95 Add To Cart For Price

You Save: $377.75

  • Retransfer HDP printing
  • Single or dual-sided printing
  • For durable, multi-function cards
  • Warranty: 3 yr + 3 yr loaner coverage

Expert Tips & Advice

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying an ID Card Printer

With so many choices available, how do you know which card printer is right for your organization? Before you begin to shop, know the top seven mistakes to avoid when buying an ID card printer. Sometimes knowing what NOT to do is just as important as knowing what TO do! From considering the cards you'll use to the printer you print them on, learn the 7 mistakes to avoid when buying an ID card printer from ID Wholesaler.


We know your budget is important, but make sure you get a printer that will do the work your job requires. While an entry-level printer might be better on your budget now, printing a large quantity of cards on a low volume printer will overextend the machine, likely resulting in expensive repairs down the road.

Talk with your ID professional about what your cards need to do for you, including:

How much information needs to be printed on your cards

Will your cards need to store data in a mag stripe or smart chip?

How many cards you expect to print

Quick Tip: Start with equipment that best fits your needs to maximize your long-term investment and get the most out of your ID card program.


Dual-Input & Output HopperSome printer models are better equipped to print larger volumes of cards than others. If you know you’ll be printing a high volume of cards, make sure your printer is up to the task.

Quick Tip: One feature to look for in higher volume printers is the card capacity of its input and output hoppers.

Printers made for higher volume printing will generally have larger capacity ribbons and card hoppers, meaning you’ll spend less time refilling supplies and more time printing.


Before choosing a printer, consider the future goals for your ID card program.

Will you use your cards for door access or time & attendance tracking in the future?

What about printing on both sides of your cards rather than only one side?

Will you consider laminating your cards for added durability or to extend the life of your cards?

Quick Tip: If you know you’ll be expanding your card functionality in the future, choose a printer that can be easily upgraded.

Some card printers only require a special ribbon to upgrade to dual-sided printing. Other upgrades, like lamination, are available as “plug-and-play” modules. Talk to your ID Professional about upgrade options before you invest in a printer.


Dual-sided Photo ID BadgeCan you print on one side of the card and manually flip your cards to print on the other side? Sure, but it’s not recommended.

Dirty hands, dust, debris, and even fingerprints can distort the images that are printed on the cards and, worse yet, damage the printhead. Printhead replacement can be very costly; new printheads typically cost several hundred dollars and may not be covered under a manufacturer’s warranty if damaged due to improper care.

Quick Tip: Plan ahead, prevent costly repairs, and purchase a printer that can print on both sides of the card. It will lead to a longer life of the printer, save you time, and create less stress in the long run.


An average PVC card will last 3-5 years. If it is swiped through a magnetic stripe reader or exposed to the sun, its life is typically much shorter. There are two ways to extend the life of your cards:

Laminate your cards. In plastic card printing, lamination is a clear protective layer that is applied over the top of your card by a printer with lamination capability.

Print cards with a retransfer printer. Retransfer technology prints the image to a film that is heat rolled to the card surface resulting in a more durable print (with the added benefit of vibrant, over-the-edge printing).


While a retail membership card may not need to be very secure, an access card into a police department requires high security. Your security needs may require a specialized ID card printer.

A variety of visual security features can be added to cards. Some features can be added regardless of the type of printer you own, such as hand-applied peel-and-stick holographic seals.

Other security features require a special printer. For example, holographic laminate requires a laminating printer. To prevent unauthorized use, some printers offer password protection and locked access to cards and ribbons.

Quick Tip: Secure your card printing program by investing in a printer that will protect your data and hardware.


Technology has certainly simplified our lives, but we also need to be prepared for the day it doesn’t work as it should. Even if you properly maintain your ID card printer, as the saying goes, nothing lasts forever.

Service programs offer peace of mind. Typically a full-service program costs a little more than half the cost of a backup printer and covers the cost of all repairs. Plus, they’re much cheaper than purchasing a backup printer. If you would be in a pinch without your printer for a week or two, you should also consider adding loaner coverage to reduce downtime.


ID card printers are specialized products. Make sure you work with a company that can help you if you have problems. Not all companies support the items they sell. Some companies will refer you to the manufacturer when you have issues which can be a hassle. Choose a company that offers in-house training and support so that you have easy access to expert advice when you need it.

Take these common mistakes into consideration to ensure you choose the best ID card printer for your current and future needs. You can also lean on the ID Professionals at ID Wholesaler. We ask the right questions to get to know you and your needs before we make recommendations. With this, you can be confident that you’ve made a wise investment.

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What's the "Best" ID Card Printer?

So your organization wants to have the ability to create ID cards in-house, and you’ve been assigned to find the best ID card printer. What’s the best ID card printer available? The short answer: there isn’t a “best” printer. Sorry!

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all ID card printer, there’s definitely a printer that’s ideal for your specific printing requirements. But how do you know which one is right for you? It’s easier than you might think because we offer a variety of helpful tools that will allow you to become an informed and confident ID card printer shopper!

A great way to initially narrow down your choices is to answer five key questions before you even start to think about shopping, namely:

1. How much information will cards display?
If you’re only including a limited amount of information on your ID cards – like name, photo, and company logo – single-sided printers are the way to go. If you need to print more information than the basics (e.g., employee ID number, barcode, cardholder title, department, etc.), dual-sided printers are the optimal choice.

2. What about data storage on your cards?
You’ll want to choose a printer with encoding capabilities which allows you to add important information – like cardholder details or access privileges – onto a card’s magnetic stripe or directly onto technology cards like smart cards or proximity cards.

3. What type of card will you be printing to?
This is critical because the type of card you use dictates which printing technology that’s best for you. Retransfer printers are the logical choice as they use special technology for printing on cards with uneven surfaces like proximity cards or smart cards. For printing on basic plastic cards, direct-to-card printers make the most sense, but retransfer printers can also be used for outstanding visual quality and durability.

4. How durable do your cards need to be?
If your cards will be swiped through a magnetic stripe reader or be worn outside for extended periods of time, you’ll want to invest in a laminating card printer. Laminating printers add a clear, thin layer to the surface during the printing process that protects cards from fading and also extends the life of cards.

5. Where will your printer be located?
All printers include a USB port for convenient printing in any office space. If you plan on operating your printer on a network, choose one that offers Ethernet connectivity. For mobile connectivity (e.g., if you’re traveling between offices with your printer), a number of printers offer a Wi-Fi connectivity option.

Get Answers to Your Photo ID Questions
If ID card printing is completely new territory for you, our Learning Center is a smart place to start.

Because there are many things that factor into finding a printer that’s right for your unique needs, we provide a wide variety of helpful and informative articles and videos to give you an overview of the important basics.

Tips for Those Looking for a "Good & Cheap" ID Card Printer

We get calls nearly every day from customers looking to purchase their first ID card printer. Many of them have the same goal in mind: “I would like to get a good and cheap ID card printer.”

“Good and cheap.” Those two words actually contradict themselves. After all, in today’s technology market, you get what you pay for. And if you focus solely on the price tag – and do not research what you’re purchasing – you will more than likely be disappointed with some aspect of your ID card system.


At the end of the day, we’re all consumers, and no one wants to spend more than is necessary. Plus, some budgets are tighter than others. To help customers that prefer low-priced card printers, our team of ID Professionals cherry-picked our best inexpensive card printers that still offer high performance value. But we urge anyone interested in their first ID card printer or system to do some homework. Every customer has different needs and requirements, but here are a couple of basic questions you should ask yourself before shopping for an ID card printer:

  • What type of card am I going to make?  (e.g., employee ID card, visitor ID card, gift or membership card, etc.)
  • What information do I want to print on the card?
  • What will a finished card look like?
  • Do I want to print on one or both sides of the card?
  • Will this printer work with a single workstation?
  • Or do I want multiple computers to be able to use this printer?
  • Will I ever need my ID cards to work with my time clock?
  • Will ID cards be used with a door access system or application?
  • How important is it for me to be able to make cards on-demand?
  • Would it be a problem if my printer was down for a few weeks?

Need a tip for a good and affordable ID card printer?
While there are many printers to select from, none offer the level of value introduced by our IDP SOLID-310SE Card Printer Bundle. As the name implies, you get more for your money with this printer system – a color ribbon, stack of blank plastic ID cards, and CloudBadging, our cloud-based ID card software.

AlphaCard PRO 750 ID badge card printerAlphaCard PRO 750 ID badge card printer

NEW! AlphaCard PRO Printers

These premier-level printers come with built-in watermark technology for extra card security. Purchase PRO 550 and PRO 750 printers and you'll get a custom watermark design, too!