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2105-4008 Round Brady LogoClip

  • Qty. 100
  • Metal, 2-hole, swivel clip
  • Clear vinyl strap

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2105-4008 Brady LogoClips™ are an innovative solution for carrying and displaying credentials. Similar in appearance to a badge reel, these nonretractable badge clips combine the convenience and simplicity of a strap clip with a round, white ABS plastic clip cover to provide an additional level of visual security. Multiple clip cover colors and shapes are available and can be used in combination with 2105-4008 to support identity and/or access control management within your facility. Ideal for users who are expected to display their ID at all times and don't need to remove their card for scanning or swiping, these badge strap clips feature a two-hole, metal, swivel clip for easy attachment. Compatible with slotted cards of any size, vertically or horizontally oriented.

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Additional Info
  • Brady part ID: 2105-4008
  • ABS plastic covered strap clip
  • Single card clip
  • Clear vinyl strap
  • Metal, 2-hole, swivel clip
  • Round, white clip cover
  • Clip cover thickness: 0.13" (3.3 mm)
  • Clip cover dimensions: 1" diameter
  • Supports slotted, vertical and horizontal cards
  • Bottom-loading
  • Weight: 0.014 per clip
  • Qty: 100 badge clips per pack
  • Also referred to as Y4237660
Quantity Per Pack100 Per Pack