Polaroid Color Ribbon - YMCKOKi - 170 images - P100 (iSeries Only)

  • For use with Polaroid P100i Series printers only
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Polaroid 3-156 Ribbon Description

Polaroid 3-156 YMCKOKi ribbons are used for printing a combination of full-color images and one-color text or barcodes on dual-sided cards.

Polaroid 3-156 YMCKOKi ribbons consist of yellow (Y), magenta (M) and cyan (C) panels for printing a full spectrum of colors by combining the colors using varying degrees of heat. The K panel is a black resin panel, typically used for printing text and barcodes and the O panel is a thin, clear protective overlay that is applied to the entire surface of your cards. The inhibitor or ‘I’ panel allows cards with surface foils or signature panels to be printed on by preventing the dye-sublimation ink from being applied to those specified areas during printing.

To maintain your Polaroid card printer's warranty, genuine Polaroid ribbons must be used. As an authorized Polaroid reseller, ID Wholesaler only sells Genuine Polaroid 3-156 YMCKOKi Color Ribbon.

ID Wholesaler offers a low price guarantee on Polaroid 3-156 ribbons.

Polaroid 3-156 Ribbon Specifications

Polaroid 3-156 YMCKOKi color ribbon - 170 prints

  • For use with Polaroid P100i Series printers only

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