Fargo 47709 Mag Stripe Encoder - DTC1000, DTC1250e, DTC4000, DTC4250e, DTC4500, & DTC4500e

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Fargo 47709 Encoder Description

Fargo DTC series card printers feature an easy field upgrade to ISO magnetic encoding. The Fargo 47709 mag stripe encoder includes simple-to-read/follow instructions.

The field upgradeable Fargo magnetic encoding module is compatible with all DTC1000, DTC1250e, DTC1500, DTC1500XE, DTC4000, DTC4250e, DTC4500, and DTC4500e series card printers.

Note: Your card printer serial number is required upon ordering, in order to verify fit. Locate your card printer serial number on the back of the printer.

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