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Jolly ID Flow Premier Software Description

Jolly ID Flow 6.5 Premier Edition ID Card Software is geared toward organizations that have multiple users or sites, need a centralized data management package, and have strict security requirements. Jolly ID Flow Version 6.5 Premier Edition Software offers powerful database tools, batch updating and printing, and the flexibility to customize the way your data is presented. Jolly ID Flow 6.5 Software allows you to use nearly any card printer to design and issue ID badges.

  • Quick and reliable card issuance
    Those working with cardholder data and printing cards on a regular basis will find the Jolly ID Flow 6.5 Card Issue Center easy to use. In just a few clicks, users can easily move between card design files, enroll new cardholders, edit records, and print cards.

    The Premier Edition also gives you the power to customize your data entry screen so that it conforms to your needs. Drag and drop record fields into place, change fonts and colors to your liking, rename fields, and more! With Jolly ID Flow 6, you can additionally create dropdown lists for fields that have limited options to ensure consistency and eliminate "free-for-all" entries. For example, create customized dropdown fields for selecting states, access levels, etc.

  • Intuitive card design tools
    Create professional-looking credentials with the built-in Card Designer Center. It provides a step-by-step setup wizard and an extensive design template library to help you get started on your card design. Create one- or two-sided card designs by simply clicking on design elements to insert and position them on your card. Choose from elements such as text and database fields, shapes and images, barcodes, and magnetic stripes to get the look and information you need.

    Jolly ID Flow 6.5 uses design layers to help you better organize the card design, stack objects, and conditionally print elements. You can configure design objects and layers to print only if certain database conditions are met. With this, the need for multiple card designs is eradicated. Instead, create one design and set its elements to print only when necessary. For example, conditionally print a different color bar depending on a user's access rights into secured areas.

  • Photo editing within ID software
    You can also edit, crop and auto remove the background of your photos easily within Jolly ID Flow 6. Photos can be acquired from any Microsoft Windows TWAIN- or WIA-compliant camera or scanner. Images can be stored in folders or your database.

  • Advanced capabilities
    The ID Flow Premier Edition also gives you the flexibility to add a 1-D or 2-D barcode or a captured signature or fingerprint. It can also encode magnetic stripes, read and write smart cards, read proximity cards, read and write MIFARE cards (with a Fargo or Evolis printer), and encode a UHF chip (with a Zebra printer). This data can also be stored in your preferred database along with the cardholder's other information.

  • Card security capabilities
    The ID Flow Premier Edition empowers you to include security features in your card designs. Designs can be assigned an encrypted digital key that cannot be reproduced anywhere but on your network by an authorized user. You may also enable the watermark feature.

  • Advanced record storage
    Because the Premier Edition uses an open data architecture and is not tied to an internal database, it is extremely flexible. In a few clicks, you can connect to databases such as Microsoft Access and SQL, Oracle, ODBC / OLE and more. Then you can freely add, edit, and print records in a snap. Jolly ID Flow 6.5 additionally includes pre-configured databases for corporate, education, government, healthcare and membership applications. The Premier Edition's filter design form takes a simple approach to building complex SQL statements for creating and storing database searches that your users frequently use. A record search tool allows you to quickly locate records.

  • Includes Jolly ID Flow Company Server
    Protect your data while making your program performance more efficient by storing your information on the Jolly ID Flow Company Server, included with the Jolly ID Flow Premier Edition. Using the cutting edge technology of Microsoft SQL Server 2005, the Jolly ID Flow Company Server manages and protects your invaluable data while providing the speed and reliability you need.

    The Company SQL Server provides a secure environment that protects your data, user accounts, and configuration settings against unauthorized access. With the Company Server, you won't have to worry about hang-ups or crashes. Its technology ensures business continuity with the highest level of system availability, and has a proven record of reliably handling large amounts of data and workloads. An unlimited number of clients can connect to a single Company Server. Plus, it can manage many simultaneous connections securely and efficiently.

  • Password protection and user management
    You can set up password protection on your files to prevent unauthorized usage with the Premier Edition. It allows you to create user logins and set privileges to make data management and printing secure. Detailed logs and reports show you when, where and by whom your cards were issued and what data was modified. You can create your own custom reports or view information via pre-configured logs.

  • Upgrade to added capabilities
    If you are already using a version of Jolly ID Flow software, it is easy to upgrade to a new Jolly ID Software.

Videos and Demos

Introduction to ID card design (5:07)

Create professional-looking ID cards with Jolly ID Flow ID card software. Use design tools to easily add text, logos, imagery, barcodes, and more.

Card Production (2:02)

Quickly and easily add a new cardholder into Jolly ID Flow software. Add a photo, configure fields, check for duplicate records, view record history, and more.

Design Tools (1:14)

Create a custom ID card design with Jolly ID Flow software by using easy-to-use drawing and design tools.

Barcode, Magstripe and Chip Encoding (1:19)

With ID Flow, your card can serve as more than just a photo ID. Create multi-purpose technology cards by adding 1D or 2D barcodes or encoding magnetic stripe or chip.

Record Management (2:21)

Take advantage of Jolly ID Flow's open database and database tools to tie fields within your ID badge design to database fields, edit fields within your database, export fields within your database, and more.

Photo, Signature, and Biometrics (0:50)

Enhance your ID cards by adding photos, signatures, and biometrics with Jolly ID Flow software. Easy-to-use tools allow you to crop photos, capture a cardholder signature or fingerprint, and more.

Card Issue Center (4:02)

Print new cardholder badges with ease with Jolly ID Flow's Card Issue Center. In seconds, you'll be able to take a cardholder photo, capture a signature, and print a new card.

Jolly ID Flow Premier Software Specifications

Printing Capability Full-color one-sided or two-sided (duplex) capabilities
Batch printing
Database MS Access
Excel, CSV/Text, MS SQL, My SQL/Oracle, and ODBC/OLE connectivity
Internal database with unlimited records
Encoding 1-D (linear) and 2-D barcodes
Magnetic stripes
Smart card encoding
Card Management Import images
Add signatures
Logitech web camera and Canon Flash camera support
Add data fields - unlimited
UV and F panel printing
Options Add Support Plan
Software Training - customized training makes getting up and running quick and easy
System Requirements Microsoft Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / 8
Pentium IV 1.8 Ghz
100 MB free disk space

Jolly ID Flow Premier Software Support & Downloads

Jolly ID Flow Premier Software User Manuals

Find the latest version of the user manual at the link below:
- Jolly ID Flow User Manual

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