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Breakaway Lanyards

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Breakaway lanyards have safety closures that release under pressure to prevent choking and related hazards. ID Wholesaler stocks breakaway lanyards in an assortment of styles, colors, prints, cord widths, and materials. We even offer breakaway lanyards with retractable badge reel attachments and design-your-own breakaway lanyards that you can customize to meet specific brand standards. While most are available in packs of 100, select safety breakaway lanyards come in packs of 10, 200, 250, or 1,000.


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What is a Breakaway Lanyard?

Breakaway lanyards feature a plastic clasp that automatically releases from around the neck of the wearer if it’s pulled. Breakaway lanyards are available in both custom-printed and standard styles and are for use anywhere that safety is important, including schools, manufacturing facilities, and hospitals.

What are My Other Breakaway Lanyard Choices?

It is easy to become overwhelmed with all the ID badge lanyard options available in today’s market! Now that you know what a breakaway lanyard is, let’s break down some options to help you decide which design is best for your needs. Below are some of the key features:

Lanyards are available in 2 primary styles:
  • Standard - economical and practical choice to display ID badges; offered in a variety of styles
  • Custom - allows for personalization and is available in unique colors, designs, and print
Lanyard Material Options:


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Flat, ribbed polyester material


  • Designed to use with DTACH detachable badge attachment options
  • Flat form made of tubular polyester


  • Long-lasting and light to wear
  • Made of satin-like, soft material

OptiBraid - Custom Lanyards Only

  • Uses a black slider in either a round or diamond shape
  • Constructed with flexible braided polyester around an inner core
Lanyards are available in 4 primary widths:
  • 1/8'' round - best for one-time use, such as conferences and trade shows
  • 1/4'' round - offer a safety breakaway and allow your badge to be easily detached from your lanyard
  • 3/4'' flat - a basic option for day-to-day wear
  • 5/8'' flat - a great-looking choice when lanyards will be worn every day
Most common attachment styles:
  • Bulldog clip - easiest to attach to your card, but doesn't swivel
  • Metal swivel hook - swivel helps keep your badge facing forward
  • Split ring - typically used with a strap clip or other attachment
  • Trigger snap swivel hook - easy to attach your badge and keeps your badge facing forward