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EDIsecure ART YMCKUv Color Ribbon - 750 Prints

  • 750
  • Fluorescent panel

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Compatible with: XID 8300, XID 8600, XID 9300, XID 9330

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Price $402.99 MSRP $435.00
IDWholesaler offers fast, FREE shipping on every order over $100.IDWholesaler offers fast, FREE shipping on every order over $100.


IDW offers a Price Match Guarantee within 60 days of purchaseIDW offers a Price Match Guarantee within 60 days of purchase


EDIsecure ID YMCK-UV ribbon for printing of YMCK on one side of your card, and high quality, invisible dye-sublimation UV text or images on either side. UV ink printing is a cost-effective alternative to the added security of custom holographic overlaminates, and does not require additional hardware.

Not only are you able to add your own invisible security features to your cards via the UV layer of this ribbon, but a unique machine code from your printer is also auto-printed on each card. This enables you to track every card issued by your company and verify its authenticity. Even if your card is printed in UV dye on a different EDIsecure XID printer, you'll instantly be able to tell if the machine code is different from your printer(s). Additionally, the machine code cannot be removed or altered.

UV ink printing is as simple as enabling the feature in your printer driver and configuring the UV placement method desired.

Please note that this ribbon requires the use of the PR000819 restransfer ribbon.Contact us for additional assistance or questions.

Did you know that EDIsecure PR000813 color ribbons have a shelf life?

When stored under proper conditions, EDIsecure DIC10313dye-sublimation color ribbons typically have a shelf life of up to one year. Ribbons that are more than a year old, and improperly stored, will not print optimally and will likely end up costing more money and time in maintenance and in reprinting cards.

ID Wholesaler is an authorized EDIsecure reseller specializing in ID card printing products. We guarantee that our PR000813 ribbons are genuine EDIsecure ribbons, are properly stored, and are always 'fresh'.

More Information
Additional Info
  • Part number PR000813
  • YMCK-UV color ribbon with UV panel
  • 750 images per roll
  • For use with the following EDIsecure printers:
    • XID 8300
    • XID 8600
    • XID 9300
    • XID 9330

    Note: Must be used in conjunction with the PR000819 Retransfer Ribbon.

Printer CompatibilityXID 8300, XID 8600, XID 9300, XID 9330
Ribbon TypeYMCKK