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Cleaning Kits

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Evolis cleaning kit offers an easy and inexpensive way to maintain your printer's optimal printing functionality. The Evolis cleaning kit features a number of robust tools each designed to clean specific areas of your printer helping you avoid internal damage to your printer and ensuring the quality of your printed cards. Shop Evolis cleaning kit and select from our wide range of cleaning products. Find all your Evolis printer supplies in one convenient stop.

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  1. SP-C6037 image
    Evolis QTM3-KT001 Quantum 2 Production Pack - Cards & Cleaning Supplies
    Item#: QTM3-KT001
    MSRP $600.00
    You Save: $18.01
    • 500 cards in card hopper
    • 2 cleaning rollers
    • Complete cleaning kit
    • For Quantum 2
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  2. A5002 image
    Evolis A5002 Alcohol Cleaning Cards - Qty. 50
    Item#: A5002
    MSRP $50.00
    You Save: $9.10
    • 50 pre-saturated cards
    • Cleans card rollers
    • For select Evolis printers
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  3. A5021 image 3
    Evolis A5021 Complete Cleaning Kit - Cleaning Cards, Swabs & Wipes
    Item#: A5021
    MSRP $24.00
    You Save: $3.44
    • 5 pre-saturated cards
    • 5 cleaning swabs
    • 10 lint-free wipes
    • For select Evolis printers
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  4. ACL004 image
    Evolis ACL004 Alcohol Cleaning T Cards - Qty. 10
    Item#: ACL004
    Price $43.99 MSRP $50.00
    You Save: $6.01
    • 10 'T' Cards
    • Cleans card rollers
    • For Zenius, Primacy, Primacy 2, Primacy 2 LE, Badgy100, and Badgy200 printers
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  5. ACL005 image
    Evolis ACL005 Printhead Cleaning Pens - Qty. 3
    Item#: ACL005
    Price $8.99 MSRP $9.00
    You Save: $0.01
    • 3 cleaning pens
    • Cleans printhead
    • For Zenius, Primacy, Primacy 2, Primacy 2 LE, Badgy100, and Badgy200 printers
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  6. S10122 image
    Evolis S10122 Cleaning Roller
    Item#: S10122
    Price $28.99 MSRP $33.00
    You Save: $4.01
    • Cleaning Roller
    • Cleans cards
    • For Primacy printers
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  7. A5011 image
    Evolis A5011 Complete Cleaning Kit - Cleaning Cards, Swabs & Wipes
    Item#: A5011
    MSRP $24.00
    You Save: $3.44
    Out of stock
    • 5 pre-saturated cards
    • 5 cleaning swabs
    • 40 lint-free wipes
    • For select Evolis printers
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  8. ACL003 image
    Evolis ACL003 Adhesive Cleaning Cards for Zenius & Primacy - Qty. 50
    Item#: ACL003
    MSRP $75.00
    You Save: $4.51
    • 50 adhesive cards
    • Cleans card rollers
    • For Zenius and Primacy printers
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  9. DC-ACL001 image
    DuraClean® ACL001 Cleaning Kit for Evolis Zenius and Primacy Printers - Cards & Alcohol Swabs
    Item#: DC-ACL001
    Price $15.99 MSRP $16.80
    You Save: $0.81
    • 5 adhesive cards
    • 5 alcohol swabs
    • Clean rollers & printhead
    • Comparable to Evolis part#: ACL001
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  10. DC-ACL002 image
    DuraClean® ACL002 Cleaning Kit for Evolis Printers - T Cards, Adhesive Cards, Cleaning Pen, Wipes
    Item#: DC-ACL002
    Price $20.99 MSRP $24.00
    You Save: $3.01
    • 2 pre-saturated 'T' cards
    • 2 adhesive cleaning cards
    • 1 printhead cleaning pen
    • Comparable to Evolis part#: ACL002
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  11. A5024 image 3
    Evolis A5024 Cleaning Wipes - Qty. 40
    Item#: A5024
    Price $14.72 MSRP $17.00
    You Save: $2.28
    • 40 lint-free wipes
    • Cleans cleaning rollers
    • For all Evolis printers
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  12. A5003 image
    Evolis A5003 Cleaning Swabs - Qty. 25
    Item#: A5003
    MSRP $38.00
    You Save: $5.44
    • 25 foam-tipped swabs
    • Cleans printhead
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Have Questions about Evolis Cleaning Kits? We Have Answers!

How Do I Know Which Cleaning Kit to Use in My Evolis Printer?

There are two ways to find manufacturer-approved Evolis cleaning kits for your specific printer model.

  1. Use the Printer Supplies Finder at the top of this page. To quickly and easily find cleaning kits for your Evolis ID card printer, simply select your Evolis printer model! It’s a great tool to bookmark for future ordering!
  2. Use the "Narrow Your Results By" options in the left column to drill down by printer model, price, and more!

As always, if you have any difficulty finding the Evolis cleaning kit you need, you can also call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405.

Do I Really Need a Cleaning Kit?

Absolutely! It may seem insignificant, but when it comes to your Evolis card printer, the damage that dust can create is substantial. Dust and other particles can accumulate inside a printer and cause spots or specks to appear on the printed cards. Worse yet, dust can damage your Evolis printhead which can cost hundreds of dollars to replace.

This is why a cleaning kit is so important. Evolis recommends that you run a cleaning kit through your printer after each ribbon change. This routine maintenance will keep your card printing costs down, extend the life of your printer, and keep your warranty intact.

Another added bonus is that Evolis cleaning kits are inexpensive - usually only a couple dollars a cleaning. Just one more reason to clean your Evolis printer regularly!

What is the Difference Between the Different Types of Cleaning Kits?

There are many brands and types of cleaning supplies, each designed to clean a specific printer model and area of the printer. To ensure a thorough clean that will not harm your printer, always comply with the recommendations found within your Evolis printer manual.

Here are a few common types of cleaning kits and how they’re used to clean and protect the card printer:

Adhesive cards clean the printer’s card roller. These low-tack adhesive cards clean dust and other debris from the rollers to help prevent damage to your printhead. During the cleaning cycle, adhesive cards run through the printer in the same way as plastic cards do during card printing. Many card printers will notify you when it’s time to run a cleaning card through your printer.

Cleaning rollers continuously clean dust and debris from cards before they’re printed to prevent printer damage. Not all ribbon cartridges are equipped with a cleaning roller. It’s important to regularly replace the rollers.

Alcohol swabs and cleaning pens clean the printhead. (Adhesive cards and cleaning rollers do not clean the printhead.) It’s important to switch off the printer before cleaning the printhead and avoid touching the printhead with your fingers. Gently swipe the swab or pen over the printhead and let the printhead air dry before using the printer.

Cleaning pads are used for general cleaning where dust collects inside your Evolis printer.

To find a cleaning kit designed for your specific Evolis printer model, use the Supplies Selector found at the top of this page!