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Mono Ribbons

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Fargo Monochrome Ribbon. Designed to meet the demands of Fargo high performance printers. The Long-lasting and easy to install, Monochrome ribbons are reliable, durable and will give you the highest quality print output possible. Save money today and receive award-winning service when you shop Fargo printers at ID Wholesaler.


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Have Questions about Fargo Monochrome Ribbons? We Have Answers!

How Do I Know which Monochrome Ribbon to Use in my Fargo Printer?

There are two ways to find manufacturer-approved Fargo monochrome ribbons for your specific printer model.

  1. Use the Printer Supplies Finder at the top of this page. To quickly and easily find monochrome ribbons for your Fargo ID card printer, simply select your Fargo printer model. It’s a great tool to bookmark for future ordering!
  2. Use the "Narrow Your Results By" options in the left column to drill down by printer model, ribbon type, and more!

    As always, if you have any difficulty finding the Fargo monochrome ribbon you need, you can also call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405.

Why Would I use a Monochrome Ribbon?

Monochrome ribbons are a cost-effective solution when printing in one-color is an option. They are most often used in conjunction with pre-printed cards. Many pre-printed cards feature a full-color, branded design. The monochrome ribbon is used to personalize the card with one-color text or images.

Monochrome ribbons are also often used with colored PVC cards. Colored cards are an easy way to classify groups of cardholders or to distinguish employees from visitors.

When choosing a one-color Fargo ribbon to use on a pre-printed or colored card, carefully choose a ribbon color that will stand up against the pre-printed design or card color. While black is the most popular type of monochrome ribbon, a variety of colors are also available, including red, green, blue, white, gold, silver, and more!

What Type of Monochrome Ribbon is Best for my Application?

While all Fargo monochrome ribbons are one-color, not all are suited for the same application. There are a few types of monochrome ribbons. If you will be printing barcodes, you’ll need to choose a Fargo Black “K” Resin ribbon. Resin has a more concentrated formulation that is easily read by barcode readers. Most barcode readers require that the black barcode be printed on a solid white background.

If you will be printing photos on your cards, you may want to consider using a full-color ribbon. One-color ribbons can print images and photos, but color ribbons produce that highest quality photo. However, if you need to use a one-color ribbon to print images and photos, choose a Fargo Premium Black "K" ribbon or a Fargo Black Dye Sub "BO" ribbon.

The "O" panel that is included with some monochrome ribbons is a clear overlay panel, which provides basic protection from wear and fading, helping to extend card life.

Use the chart below to help choose the best type of monochrome ribbon for your application:

Ribbon Type Application
Black "K" Resin Barcodes and crisp text
Premium Black "K" Resin Barcodes, crisp text, and photos
Black "KO" Resin Barcode and crisp text (added durability and fade resistance)
Black "BO" Dye Sub and Overlay Photos (added durability and fade resistance)
Color Resin Text