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ID Card Software

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ID card software makes it easy to design and print ID badges and other types of plastic cards on site. Add images, text, and barcodes to your cards, and enjoy database flexibility, networking capabilities, card encoding options, and time-saving functionality. ID Wholesaler carries entry-level, mid-level, and fully-featured ID software by best-in-the-industry brands.
Find the best ID printing software for your application by shopping our selection below; browse by software capability or by brand. If you have questions, contact us directly and ask to speak with an ID Professional.


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Shop Custom ID badge cardShop Custom ID badge card

Provides basic features

Shop Custom ID badge cardShop Custom ID badge card

Provides more advanced features

Shop Dual-sided ID Badge Card with Mag Stripe Shop Dual-sided ID Badge Card with Mag Stripe

Provides a complete set of features

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What Level of Software is Right for Me?

All ID card software offers the ability to design ID cards using images, text, and barcodes. As you move up in software levels, you'll get all the features of the lower level(s), plus more. The primary differences in levels of software include the flexibility and complexity of database capability and card encoding capability.

The primary features of the software levels include:

Entry-Level Software: Ideal for printing basic cards with no need to maintain a card record database
  • Very limited internal database functionality
  • Add a 1D barcode or encode magnetic stripes
  • Add up to 8 data fields to your cards
  • Single-work station installation only (no networking)
Mid-Level Software: Ideal for organizations requiring external database capability, including the ability to save and search cardholder records
  • May have external database connectivity
  • May include database import and export capability
  • Add a 1D or 2D barcode or encode magnetic stripes
  • Add unlimited data fields to your cards
  • Batch print or reprint a single card easily
  • May be networkable
Fully-Featured Software: Ideal for a corporate environment with multiple locations, flexible database requirements, and/or advanced card encoding
  • Extensive database connectivity capability
  • Barcodes and mag stripes, plus smart card encoding
  • Operate on a single workstation or over a network