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Enterprise Temperature Screening Terminal

  • Designed for enterprise-level, multi-location expansion
  • No-contact, infrared scanner
  • 1-second scan time w/ auto alarm
  • Highly accurate (+/- 0.9 deg F)

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  • Non-contact Temperature Screening Terminal
  • Enterprise-level applications scalable for multiple terminal implementation
  • Temperature accuracy of +/- 0.9 deg Fahrenheit
  • Fast, 1-second scan time
  • Comes on moveable 60-inch silver pedestal
  • Availability: Inquire for status; approximately 1-2 weeks

Watch: Temperature Screening Demo

Watch Now: Help Ensure the Safety of Your Workforce with Temperature Screening Kiosks

Interested to learn how to incorporate temperature screening in your business? Curious to see if a temperature screening kiosk is a good fit for your environment? Watch this recorded webinar session and you'll:

  • See how the thermal scanner checks body temperature.
  • Watch the temperature kiosk help enforce face mask requirements.
  • Observe what happens when the temperature scanner detects a high temperature.
  • Plus, hear us compare all the common ways to check employees and visitors for high temperature - a new norm for COVID-19 prevention as shelter-in-place orders recede across the nation.


With the rising demands for increased safety procedures in the workplace, the need to screen employees and visitors for high temperatures has increased. Our Enterprise Temperature Screening Terminals accommodate those needs by contributing to a successful health and safety program. With infrared thermal imaging and fast temperature detection, the non-contact terminals help identify the presence of a higher temperature, offering peace-of-mind to anxious staff, students, visitors and the general public.

The Enterprise Temperature Screening Terminal is uniquely prepared to adjust to corporate-level applications that require the flexibility for expansion. The terminals are set-up for network management, a coming feature that will allow large organizations to conveniently configure multiple terminal units that are at various locations from a remote location.


Help Improve Employee Safety with Fast, Accurate Temperature Screening
Employee & visitor temperature screening is becoming standard protocol as many state and local governments require return-to-work guidelines and COVID-19 response plans. Regulatory and health associations such as OSHA, EEOC and the CDC include temperature screening as an important procedure for facility access. You can rely on the Temperature Screening Terminal to produce a fast, accurate temperature reading, offering an effective method for identifying potentially sick personnel and visitors.

Highly Accurate Symptom Screening
When it comes to accuracy, the temperature measurement scanner on this device is supreme, reading with a +/-0.9 degrees Fahrenheit variance. Able to detect temperatures from up to 3 feet, 4 inches away (1 meter), this kiosk can detect a temperature range as low as 50 Deg F up to 107.6 Deg F. The scanner uses an 8-in (800 x 1280) LCD screen that is equipped with an industrial-class, 2-megapixel binocular camera and a thermal imaging module. Coupled with an LED and IR dual flood light, the temperature scanner can detect temperature and faces even in poor lighting conditions.

Fast, Touch-free Temperature Reading
The Temperature Screening Terminal is a hands-free, touchless device. The scanner is so fast, it reads an individual's temperature in approximately 1 second. If an abnormal body temperature is detected, an automatic alarm will activate. The alarm triggers the staff monitoring the area that the scanned individual was outside your temperature threshold and should not be allowed to enter.

Additional Access Control Features
The Temperature Screening Terminal offers additional features through its configurable menu.

Live Facial recognition: The Temperature Screening Terminal comes with the ability to scan for facial recognition that matches an employee photo and profile.

Mask detection: Facial recognition features an optional alarm for face-with-mask recognition, ideal for workplace policy compliance on wearing face masks.

Terminal Options
Temperature Screening Terminal features include:

  • - 60-inch pedestal base
  • - Direct power unit requires local power outlet
  • - 8-inch device screen with LED status bar
  • - Camera
  • - Wi-Fi enabled
  • - Temperature, facial, and mask recognition
  • - Optional custom branding panels - requires special order
  • - Coming Feature: battery backup option
  • - Coming Feature: multi-location network management

Kiosk Base OptionsThe Temperature Screening Kiosk comes in five variations to meet multiple health screening demands across a wide spectrum of subjects. In each variation, the following same core features are included:

  • Direct power unit needing to be plugged into a power outlet
  • 8-inch device screen with LED status bar
  • Camera
  • Bundled software
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Temperature and facial recognition

Pedestal Unit: The pedestal kiosk includes the scanner device mounted on a 60-inch, silver pedestal base. It comes with a direct power unit, as well as all the other core features noted above.

Countertop Unit: The countertop kiosk

More Information
Additional Info

Product Specifications for the Temperature Screening Terminal:


  • Resolution: 2 megapixels
  • Type: Binocular wide dynamic camera
  • Aperature: F2.4
  • Focusing Distance: 50 ~ 150cm


  • Size: 8.0 inch IPS LCD screen
  • Resolution: 800 x 1280


  • CPU: RK3288 quad-core (optional RK3399 six-core, MSM8953 eight-core)
  • Storage: EMMC 8G


  • Network Module: Ethernet and Wireless (Wifi)
  • Audio: 2.5W / 4R Speakers
  • USB: 1 USB OTG, 1 USB HOST standard A port
  • Serial Communication: 1 RS232 serial port
  • Relay Output: 1 open door signal output
  • Weignad:One Wiegand 26/34 output, one Wiegand 26/34 input
  • Wired network: 1 RJ45 Ethernet socket
  • Interface Expansions available: ID card reader, Fingerprint reader, IC card reader, two-dimensional code reader, etc.


  • Power DC12V (+/-10%); future battery option: 50,000 mah / 185 wh
  • Power Consumption 13.5W (Max)
  • Installation Method: attached to pedestal stand; height 60''
  • Base Plate Diameter: 19''
  • Pole Diameter: 4''

Temperature Screening Terminal

Temperature Screening Terminal Downloads

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When special ordering a custom branded Temperature Screening Terminal, please download the front side and back side graphics templates. For inquiries about ordering a customized terminal, please call (800) 321-4405, x2.
- PDF Custom graphic template: Front Side
- PDF Custom graphic template: Back Side

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