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Supplies Kit - Fargo 45100 Color Ribbon + 500 PVC Cards

  • 45100 250-print YMCKO ribbon
  • Box of 500 CR8030 cards
  • For DTC4250e and DTC4000

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Compatible with: DTC4000, DTC4250e

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Price $98.83 MSRP $139.57
IDWholesaler offers fast, FREE shipping on every order over $100.IDWholesaler offers fast, FREE shipping on every order over $100.


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Save big with the Fargo 45100 YMCKO Ribbon and PVC Cards bundle. When you purchase a ribbon and cards bundle at ID Wholesaler you save big off of our already low prices. In addition, you also save even more on all bundle options, such as the optional Fargo 86177 cleaning kit.

The 45100 printer ribbon bundle includes all of the consumables you need to continue printing on your DTC4000 or DTC4250e printer. The bundle comes with both a Fargo 45100 ribbon as well as 500 CR8030 cards. The Fargo 45100 YMCKO Ribbon is the most popular ribbon for the DTC4000 and DTC4250e printers. Fargo 45100 ribbons are used for printing a combination of full-color images and one-color text or barcodes.

Fargo 45100 YMCKO ribbons consist of yellow (Y), magenta (M) and cyan (C) panels for printing a full spectrum of colors by combining the colors using varying degrees of heat. The K panel is a black resin panel, typically used for printing text and barcodes and the O panel is a thin, clear protective overlay that is applied to the entire surface of your cards. Fargo 45100 ribbons are specially back-coated to extend printhead life.

CR80 30 mil PVC cards are ideal for printing cards on most direct-to-card printers. CR80 PVC cards are the standard, most commonly used plastic card size. Measuring 3.375'' x 2.125'', CR8030 cards are the same size and thickness as a credit card and are commonly referred to as CR8030, CR80.030, or 80.030-GQ-WH cards. They are the most commonly used cards in DTC4000 & DTC4250e printers.

Bundle Options:

  • Upgrade Magnetic Stripe Cards:
    The Fargo 45100 YMCKO Ribbon Bundle includes 500 blank CR8030 PVC cards. Additionally, you can choose to upgrade cards to HiCo or LoCo magnetic stripe cards. Magnetic stripe cards are the same dimensions as regular CR8030 cards, at 3.375'' x 2.125'' (size of a credit card) and 30mil thick but include either a HiCo or LoCo magnetic strip on the back.

  • Add Fargo 86177 Complete Printer Cleaning Kit - Cleaning Cards & Swabs:
    Add the Fargo 86177 Cleaning kit to get everything that you need to keep your DTC4000 or DTC4250e printer up and running in optimal condition. Small bits of debris and dust can get into your printer and will degrade the quality of your images over time. If left unattended, they can even cause damage to the sensitive (and expensive) printhead. If you add the Fargo 86177 cleaning kit to your bundle you will receive 4 cleaning swabs and 10 cleaning cards.

More Information
Additional Info

Fargo 45100 YMCKO Ribbon:

  • Manufacturer and item#: Fargo 45100
  • YMCKO color ribbon
  • Cleaning roller included
  • 250 full-color prints per roll
  • Fargo 45100 is for use with the following Fargo printers:
    • DTC4000
    • DTC4250e

CR8030 Cards:

  • White
  • Superior graphic quality cards
  • Vision inspected
  • 500 cards (packaged in 5 packs of 100)
  • CR80.030 (CR8030) size--30 mil thickness, standard credit card size
  • 3.375" x 2.125" (85.6 mm x 54 mm)
  • Optional Upgrades:
    • CR8030HI High Coercivity Magnetic Stripe Cards
    • CR8030LO Low Coercivity Magnetic Stripe Cards
Printer CompatibilityDTC4000, DTC4250e