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MRI OnLocation Visitor Management Software

Manage the safe movement of visitors, contractors, and onsite employees and gain a real-time view of who is on your premises.

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Track, Identify & Secure

With an increase in companies returning to the office, it is more important than ever to protect the people and places that power your organization. MRI OnLocation is a robust cloud-based visitor management software that tracks and identifies visitors, contractors, and employees. Gain peace of mind knowing you’re protecting your staff and providing a seamless and secure visitor experience.

Flexible Solution

Adaptable to your unique needs

  • Multiple hardware options to choose from
  • Self-service kiosk for unmanned entry points
  • PC or laptop for entry points with receptionist or security personnel
  • Mobile app for seamless employee experience

Compliance & Tracking

Visitor & Employee data at your fingertips

  • Easily run reports for specific date ranges
  • Quickly see how long a visitor or contractor has been on-site
  • Run real-time reports in the event of an emergency or evacuation
  • Visitor, Contractor & Employee data is stored indefinitely, ideal for data retention requirements
  • See clearly which employees are on-site
  • Drive employee compliance with company policy

Watchlists & Triggers

Real-time alerts for unwanted visitors

  • Easily check visitors against an internal watchlist database
  • Alert staff via email or SMS
  • Triggers can be set up to deny entry

Arrival Notifications

Save time & create efficiency

  • Reduce time spent tracking down host employees.
  • Send employees an email or SMS notification when their visitor has signed in

Visitor Pre-Registration

Create a positive visitor experience

  • Pre-register large groups for an event to decrease sign-in time
  • Send pre-registered visitors’ emails with information such as:
    • Host details
    • Parking tips
    • Arrival instructions
    • On-site health & safety requirements
    • Guest Wi-Fi details
    • QR/Barcode for quick sign-in

Employee Desk Booking Scheduling

Adapt to the hybrid model

  • Empower employees to schedule when they will be onsite
  • See availability of open workstations to book space
  • Monitor occupancy in real time to meet corporate policies

Custom Workflows

Meet compliance requirements

  • Implement health screening questions and alerts
  • Capture purpose of visit information
  • Ensure safety videos are watched and acknowledged
  • Capture signatures on required waivers or non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

Touchless Sign-In

A hygienic option for visitors

  • Visitors can easily scan the QR code on the kiosk and continue the sign-in process on their mobile device.
  • No app required

Visual Access Control

Add a layer of security to your visitor program with self-expiring visitor badges

  • Over a 24-hour period, a red box with “VOID” appears, preventing unwanted visitors from re-using badges.
  • Badges allow you and your staff to quickly identify visitors and contractors.
  • Several badge pass templates to choose from to meet your identification needs

Plan Details

Choose from a variety of plans to suit your business needs.

Feature   Small Plan - $599 Medium Plan - $1,680 Large Plan - $3,000 Custom Plan - Call
Annual Sign in/out** Visitor / Contractor 3,000 100,000 20,000 Unlimited
Employee 30,000 100,000 200,000 Unlimited
Notifications Email & Push Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SMS Allowance 500 / Year 1,000 / Year 1,000 Year 2,000 / Year
Guest Management Visitor
Mobile App  
Standard or Touchless Kiosk  
Photo Capture  
Watch Lists  
Visitor Badge Printing  
Reporting & Dashboards  
License & Passport Scanning   * With Purchase of add-on Module * With Purchase of add-on Module * With Purchase of add-on Module
Desk Booking 
per location / per year
  * With Purchase of add-on Module * With Purchase of add-on Module * With Purchase of add-on Module

** sign-in/out counts as one movement

Multi Language

Visitors can choose from 21 languages on the self-service kioks

United States



















Te Reo Māori


MRI OnLocation Integrations

Integrate other business tools with your MRI OnLocation software to harness more people management potential.

Data Accuracy

Time Management

Security & Intelligence

Directory Services

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Create a Positive User Experience

  • Decrease Sign-In time: Carry out a Pre-Registration for large groups for events in order to decrease sign-in time.
  • Pre-Registration Emails: Send Pre-Registered visitors' emails with information such as Host Details, Parking Tips, Arrival Instructions, On-Site health & safety requirements, Guest Wi-Fi details, and QR/Barcode for quick-sign in.

Touchless Sign In

  • Hygenic Option for visitors: Visitors can easily scan the QR code on the kiosk and continue the sign-in process.
  • Save Time: No App required.

Facilitate Employee Desk Booking & Scheduling

  • Streamline the process: Empower employees to schedule when they will be onsite.
  • Avaiability Check: See availability of open workstations to book space.
  • Corporate Policy Adherance: Monitor occupancy in real-time to meet corporate policies.

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