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Prox Key Fobs, Tags, & Wristbands

Shop Programmed Proximity & Contactless Key Fobs & Tags

ID Wholesaler offers variety of programmable proximity fobs, proximity key tags, and waterproof UBand prox wristbands for access control and other applications. All our fobs and key tags are compatible with HID prox readers and can be ordered with or without programming at no additional cost (except for UBands, which must be ordered with programming). Great for applications where no photo ID is required, you can attach HID key fobs and tags to key rings or lanyards for user convenience.

To place your order online, you need to know your card format (26 bit, 37 bit, or custom), your site code or facility code, and the start number (first serial number) you want to use.


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How are Wristbands, Key Fobs and Tags Used?

Key fobs and tags

Key fobs and tags are ideal for applications that require access control without a photo ID. Key fobs feature a key hole for each attachment to a key ring, badge clip, or lanyard.

Key tags feature an adhesive back to attach to any non-metallic card or device. With this, you can easily turn an existing ID card into an access control card!

UBands include smart card technology embedded in a waterproof silicone wristband. They are ideal for applications where cards are frequently used or hands free access is desired. They are frequently used in universities,colleges, swimming pools and fitness centers.

Will my Key Fob, Tag, or Wristband Come Programmed?

fob or tag programmed and non-programmed

Your fob or tag can come programmed or non-programmed. There is no additional fee to have your fob or tag programmed with ID Wholesaler. UBand wristbands always come programmed.

If it is ordered "non-programmed," you will need an HID field programmer to program the fob or tag yourself.

What Information Do I Need to Place My Order?

Your card format is related to card numbering in two ways: the number of card numbers available and how card numbers are tracked.

The 26 bit format (also known as H10301) is the industry standard format and are the most commonly used. The range of card numbers available in 26 bit format is limited, and therefore, there is potential for the card numbers to be duplicated. The end user controls the card numbers of 26 bit cards. The primary benefits of using this format are the convenience of ordering cards and universal access control panel acceptance.
37 bit format cards (also known as H10302) cards are also commonly used. HID controls card numbering of 37 bit cards to ensure that the numbers are unique and will not be duplicated. Before ordering 37 bit cards, confirm that your system is capable of using a 37 bit number with no facility code.
For other card format options, contact an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405 x2.

The site or facility code is a number that represents the facility or building. This number will be the same for all employees at a single location. You may see Facility Code abbreviated as FC and some companies use the term Site Code.

The start number (AKA serial number) (if ordering a 26 bit card) is a unique number to represent individual card holders. This is essentially the card's serial number or card ID number.