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CardFive Vision Lite XL ID Card Software - C8100 - DISCONTINUED


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  • Retransfer technology
  • CardFive Vision Lite XL offers you easy-to-use template design and printing tools. CardFive Vision Lite XL is so easy to set up and use that it allows you to implement your card personalization application almost immediately-reducing the time and money spent on training.

    Standout features of CardFive Vision Lite XL ID card software include CSV data import capability, network print server accessibility and magnetic stripe encoding.

    Great user interface and tools. CardFive Vision Lite XL showcases a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) interface that shows you real time results as you are making changes to the design and layout of your cards. Its dark and neutral background allows your task at hand to be the focus, yet your design tools are readily available on the screen for your use-providing optimal click efficiency to find what you need, and eliminating the distraction of pop-ups over your work.

    Its design tools allow you to create and manipulate your card objects to your needs. Likewise, CardFive Vision Lite XL's imager tool provides the ability to adjust and control image properties, such as image brightness and transparency.

    CardFive Vision Lite XL allows you to import images in multiple file formats and perform image acquisition using your scanner, digital camera or any TWAIN device (e.g., inPhotoCapture or Canon Rebel T3 Camera with TWAIN Driver & Face Finder software). It also houses a clipart library for your use that includes comprehensive clipart manager capabilities, giving you the power to store your own imagery in addition to the default imagery.

    Database and networking solutions. CardFive Vision Lite XL provides direct access to external CSV database files. Simply drag and drop data from your external CSV database to your CardFive Vision Lite XL work area.

    Note: although CardFive Vision Lite XL can connect to external CSV databases it does not have internal database capabilities for saving or storing information.

    Furthermore, CardFive Vision Lite XL's network print server (NPS) allows multiple workstations to print and encode cards via a LAN or WAN on a server computer with one or more card printers.

    Flexible print capabilities. CardFive Vision Lite XL accommodates dual-sided printing so that you can take advantage of the real estate of both sides of your card. With its ability to use any Microsoft Windows printer driver and CardFive's Direct Command Language (DCL), you are able to achieve maximum print speed and error control. In addition, CardFive Vision Lite XL includes more than 100 internal drivers for the most popular card printer brands in the industry-including Fargo, Evolis, Magicard and more!

    Compatible with your encoding needs. Create feature-rich cards using magnetic stripe (tracks 1, 2 and 3) encoding technologies. CardFive Vision Lite XL also supports the major 1-D and 2-D barcode printing symbologies, including PDF417 2-D barcodes that perform facial image encoding.

    Easy upgrade path to added capabilities. If you are already using a version of CardFive software, it is easy to upgrade to any edition of CardFive Vision. Plus, you can upgrade to any CardFive Vision edition as your needs expand. Upgrading is as simple as receiving an email from us!

    An optional feature compatible with any CardFive, CardFive Vision and DeskFive software is the NFive FaceSnap upgrade. NFive's FaceSnap is a plug-in that is able to automatically identify a face on a picture, crop the face out of the scene and improve its image quality.

    Easy installation and protection from unauthorized software use. CardFive software is delivered on a USB stick. This KeyFive USB stick includes the software installation files and allows you to protect and manage access to your CardFive Vision Lite XL ID card software. Only those who have access to the KeyFive USB stick have full access to the software. If the USB stick is removed from a PC that has CardFive Vision Lite XL installed, no one will have access to the software other than in demo mode. In demo mode, there is no access to records created, and work done in this mode cannot be saved.

    Card ManagementImport images
    Integrated photo capture
    Add unlimited data fields
    DatabaseCSV/Text database connectivity
    Encoding1-D (linear) barcodes
    Magnetic stripe
    Software IncludesKeyFive USB stick contains:
    • Installation files
    • License key
    Printing CapabilityFull-color one-sided or two-sided (duplex) capabilities
    System RequirementsWindows XP
    Windows Server 2003
    Windows Vista (32-bit)
    Windows 7 (32-bit)
    Software Title

    Nfive C8100 Software

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