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EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management Software - EL-96000-SVM10

  • Advanced capabilities
  • Expandable to multiple users or sites
  • Multiple database options
  • Advanced reporting

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What's Included

  • Software is shipped in a boxed CD

    EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management (SVM) EL-96000-SVM10 Software is an industry leader, designed to accommodate virtually any size company, offering a single-user license or multiple licenses for user stations across a multi-location network. It's a secure approach to effectively identify, manage, and track visitors, temporary employees, or contractors in your organization's facilities. SVM v10 replaces an outdated pen and paper method with an automated system that positively identifies visitors and logs the information into a database for a comprehensive security and management solution.

    Customizable data collection
    With 24 user-defined fields and countless pre-determined fields, you can tailor the information you collect. The administrator can fully configure which fields are collected or required, as well as which fields are displayed in the visitor grid. This allows you to present the most important and relevant information to the employee checking in visitors without filling the screen with irrelevant or unused fields.

    Faster & more robust visitor registration
    EasyLobby SVM enables you to monitor who enters your building, who is being visited, for what reason, and for how long. EL-96000-SVM10 also keeps track of when visitors leave your facility or if they are still on the premises with an expired badge. Accurately capture detailed visitor information from a business card, driver's license, or passport. Visitor information can be electronically captured using an ID or business card scanner to minimize errors and achieve faster enrollment, or it can also be entered manually. With easy-to-use drop-down menus and the ability to create and name input fields, EasyLobby makes processing visitors to your facility a breeze.

    Detailed reporting & analytics
    EasyLobby EL-96000-SVM10 includes over 40 standard reports, including a Current Visitor report to let you know who's in your facility and a Visit History report which details who has visited your facility over a period of time. It also has customizable wizard to create and personalize the reports or queries you run for your organization. Visitor details are recorded in an internal database within EasyLobby SVM. A variety of other databases are also supported, including MS Excel and Access, SQL 2005/2008, SQL Server, and Oracle.

    Built-in badge designer
    Create more professional-looking badges with the integrated badge design tool within EasyLobby SVM. It features over 200 different badge templates to easily help create the badges worn by all visitors to your facility. Badges can be customized to include images, logos, barcodes, and more. With EasyLobby, you can assign different badge types depending on the type of visitor. Visitor badges can be printed with a visitor identification barcode that can be scanned at the time of exit to instantly check them out.

    Automated email/SMS alerts
    With the SVM auto email/SMS alert system, employees will be notified when a guest arrives and has been logged into the EasyLobby system. The system can be configured to automatically notify an administrator if a visitors badge has expired but they have not checked out. Once alerted, the administrator can determine if the visitor is still on premise (e.g., if a meeting runs late) or has left without checking out and take appropriate action.

    Enhance your company's image
    Outdated pen and paper logbooks or check-in sheets do not provide a professional impression. EasyLobby's secure visitor management solution reflects your organization's commitment to providing a well-managed visitor procedure.

    Maintain visitor confidentiality
    Confidentiality is a key component of many facilities. Using a logbook or check-in sheet allows all of your visitor to see the names of the visitors before them. This can be very undesirable in some business settings and in the case of some institutions (e.g., hospitals) may even violate patient confidentiality agreements. EasyLobby EL-96000-SVM10 ensures the confidentiality of visitor information so others cannot view who visited your company.

    Integrated safety & watch list functionality
    EasyLobby EL-96000-SVM10 has built-in watch list functionality. Watch list functionality allows the employee checking in visitors to automatically screen in visitors against user definable lists. Some lists, like a disgruntled ex-employees list, may alert the employee not to grant access. Other lists - like a list of board members or VIP guests - can notify the employee that their visitor has arrived.

    In addition, the EasyLobby user interface a number of key safety features including a panic button and a current visitors report. The panic button can be configured to automatically send an email to a preconfigured recipient when pressed. In the event of a fire or other emergency, a list of all currently checked in visitors can be printed or exported.

    Efficient pre-registration
    When a user pre-registers a visitor, all of the included information is pre-populated into the EasyLobby server, the location of the visit, or any other relevant information. Pre-registration can even be configured to email the visitor important information such as directions or a visitor barcode. When the visitor arrives, the barcode can be used to instantly check them in and print their visitor badge. EasyLobby EL-96000-SVM10 also offers the ability to pre-print visitor badges. This is particularly useful when large groups of visitors are expected. Badges can be printed ahead of time and scanned to check in the visitor upon their arrival, eliminating data entry and speeding up the check-in process.

    EasyLobby Administrator License
    Each copy of EasyLobby SVM includes a copy of the EasyLobby Administrator, the central administration utility for EasyLobby. It can be installed on any workstation that has network access to the main SVM database and used for configuration and reporting. Additional licenses for EasyLobby Administrator are available.

    Optional eAdvance online module
    EasyLobby SVM allows the integration of an online visitor registration module. The eAdvance module allows designated employees to pre-register their visitors ahead of time via an online web portal. The eAdvance module can be configured for a variety of levels of access, including the ability to designate approvers and requesters. This allows the system to route visitor requests from a requesting employee to a pre-designated approver (e.g., director or manager) before being pre-registered in the EasyLobby system.

    Ideal for:

    • Corporations
    • Government agencies
    • Educational institutions
    • Healthcare
    • Property management

    DatabaseMS Access
    MS SQL, My SQL/Oracle, and ODBC/OLE connectivity
    Internal database with unlimited records
    Options Training A minimum of 2 hours of training is recommended for EasyLobby Software Support Plans.
    Additional Administrator license
    eAdvance online registration module
    Satellite checkpoint monitoring license
    Printing CapabilityDymo LabelWriter 450 Thermal Printer
    Direct-to-Card Badge Printers
    Inkjet Printers
    System RequirementsMS Windows® 7, XP, Vista
    Pentium 4 or equivalent
    1 GB RAM minimum
    100 MB of free hard disk space

    EasyLobby SVM Software

    EasyLobby SVM Software User Manuals

    Find the latest version of the user manual at the link below:
    - EasyLobby Manual

    Technical Support

    Our team is able to assist you 7:30am-4:00pm CT, Monday-Friday.
    - See our technical support page for contact options