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Temperature Screening

Temperature Screening Kiosks

In stock and ready to ship! Employee and visitor screenings help increase safety in the workplace and schools. As stay at home orders relax and businesses return to work, an organization must first enforce procedures that will maintain a safe and healthy environment for their employees, visitors and the general public. Our Temperature Screening Kiosks are a non-contact, fast and accurate solution. These easy plug-and-play Temperature Screening Kiosks are biometric devices that detect high temperature in employees, visitors, staff, students and attendees entering a facility. Put your staff, students and your entire community at ease from the anxiety and stress associated with becoming sick with a contagious illness.

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  1. KIOSK-TEMP-FR01 image Best Seller
    Temperature Screening Kiosk - Pedestal Unit
    Item#: KIOSK-TEMP-FR02-SC
    Price $3,250.00 MSRP $3,251.00
    You Save: $1.00
    • Pedestal temperature scanner
    • No contact, touch-free scanner
    • 1-second scan time w/ auto alarm
    • Highly accurate (+/- 0.9 deg F)
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  2. KIOSK-TEMP-CT01 image
    Temperature Screening Kiosk - Countertop Unit
    Item#: KIOSK-TEMP-CT01
    Price $3,050.00 MSRP $3,051.00
    You Save: $1.00
    • Countertop body temperature kiosk
    • Self-running, non-contact scanner
    • fast results in less than 1 second
    • Reliable results (+/- 0.9 deg F)
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  3. BAR0002 image
    Sync Scan Professional Software
    Item#: BAR0002
    • Temperature Screening Kiosk Network Management
    • Remotely change settings, add contacts & send alerts
    • Real-time Check Ins For Stored Faces and Friends
    • For use with KIOSK-TEMP-FR01 temperature screening kiosk
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    Enterprise Temperature Screening Terminal
    Price $3,499.00 MSRP $3,500.00
    You Save: $1.00
    • Designed for enterprise-level, multi-location expansion
    • No-contact, infrared scanner
    • 1-second scan time w/ auto alarm
    • Highly accurate (+/- 0.9 deg F)
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  5. KIOSK-INSTALL image
    Temperature Screening Kiosk Installation / Training Support
    Price $199.00 MSRP $200.00
    You Save: $1.00
    • Temperature Screening Installation Support
    • Up to 60 minutes of remote support
    • Eligible for 1 unit
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