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Arm Band Holders

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ID arm band holders are the ideal way to display ID cards in work environments where other methods of ID display present a safety hazard, or where personnel are physically active and require a more secure, non-restrictive ID solution. Worn on the upper arm or forearm, ID arm band holders provide instant visibility, and most include elastic bands for attachment. Some are even made from reflective vinyl, providing added visibility when worn at night or in poor lighting conditions. Browse our inventory and choose from a variety of sizes and styles, available in vertical and horizontal orientations.


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What Should I Know Before I Order an Arm Band Badge Holder?

Arm Band

Arm band holders are a convenient way to wear an ID badge. They make the badge highly visible, yet do not get in the way. There are a few important decisions you should make before placing an order for arm band badge holders.

Card size
Most importantly, you'll want to make sure that your card (and anything else that will be placed inside the holder) will fit inside the holder. Arm band badge holders are available in two sizes:
  • ID card size: holds a standard ID card size insert (credit card size)
  • Government or military size: larger than a standard ID card, with the same general proportions


Some arm badge holders are made out of a reflective material to increase visibility. Construction, airline, shipping, and emergency workers frequently use this type of arm band badge holder.

Vertical or horizontal orientation
You also need to know if your card design has a horizontal or a vertical orientation.