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Badge Clips

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Our badge clips come in a diverse array of styles, providing a convenient and highly visible method for attaching your ID card securely to any piece of clothing. At ID Wholesaler, we offer a comprehensive selection of badge clips to suit various needs. This includes strap clips designed specifically for slot-punched cards, adhesive back clips and pins compatible with all types of cards, metal-free attachments for environments with restrictions, earth-friendly strap clips featuring Phthalates-free PVC straps for eco-conscious users, and magnetic attachments for clothing-friendly and hassle-free attachment experience. 
Whether you need a solution for slot-punched cards or want an environmentally friendly option, our range of badge clips ensures you find the best fit for your application. Shop by category to explore the features and benefits of each clip type and secure your ID card confidently and visibly.


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What are My Choices in ID Badge Clip Styles?

Badge clips are a great option for companies that require their employees to wear ID cards for visual identification. There are many cost-effective styles of ID badge clips to choose from:

  • Strap clips - easily attaches through a slot punch on your ID card and snap the attachment to your clothing
  • Adhesive back clips - adhere directly to your ID card and easily clip or pin to clothing, no slot punch required
  • Plastic attachments - perfect for those requiring little to no metal parts on their ID cards
  • Magnetic attachments - secure ID cards to shirt pockets and belts without the use of pins or clips
  • Earth-friendly - economical and environmentally responsible option made of phthalates-free, DOP-free PVC