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Strap Clips

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Affordable and easy to use, strap clips are a versatile and economical way to wear and display ID badges at your facility. Make sure that your credentials are slotted for compatibility, use the strap to secure your badge, then attach to your clothing with the clip. We offer badge strap clips in a variety of materials including vinyl, mylar, plastic, and earth-friendly/biodegradable, available with clear or colored straps and varying clip styles.

Our recommendation: If you operate a large facility or are ordering strap clips for various personnel, consider using colored strap clips to introduce a color-coded role recognition system.


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What are My Choices in Strap Clip Materials?

The type of material you choose will largely depend on how you use your ID cards. Certain strap materials offer a more durable solution for extended use in specific environments.

  • Vinyl clips: most commonly used and economically priced. Features the soft feel of nylon with the durability of plastic.
  • Mylar clips: most durable, heat resistant, and retains its shape under stress. Best for extreme conditions and extended use.
  • Plastic clips: best when little metal is preferred. Ideal solution if badges are exposed to x-rays or metal detectors.
  • Earth-friendly clips: biodegradable straps made of phthalates-free PVC material.
What are the Choices in Strap Clip Styles?

Strap Options:

  • Long strap: 3 1/2 or 4 inch straps allow you to attach multiple ID cards to one strap
  • Narrow strap: permits easy card swiping, keeping strap from getting caught in the card reader
  • Double strap: offers two separate straps for wearing multiple ID cards
  • Reinforced strap: more durable strap made of opaque white reinforced vinyl

Clip Options:

  • Steel clip: most commonly used, sturdy clothing clip
  • Suspender clip: easily attaches card to clip with minimal damage
  • Rubber tip clip: rubber-cushioned tip helps to reduce damage to delicate clothing
  • Card clamp: eliminates the need to punch a hole in your card, ideal for proximity or smart cards