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Badge reels offer a convenient and customizable solution for wearing and displaying ID cards. Featuring a badge strap clip attached to a retractable reel, ID badge reels are perfect for cards that need to be swiped or scanned frequently. They allow for easy expansion and retraction. Available in multiple styles and a wide assortment of colors, badge reels also come with various clothing attachment options. Additionally, retractable badge clips can be customized to display your company’s logo, school or business name, or to highlight an event or cause. Explore our collection of custom and standard lanyards to complement your badge reels.


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Should I Choose Custom or Standard Badge Reels?

custom badge reels

Custom and standard ID badge reels offer the same convenience and functionality, allowing you to wear your ID badge while providing easy access to readers and scanning devices. Both are designed to keep ID cards readily accessible, yet out of the way so as not to interfere with work or compromise worker safety.

If you are simply looking for a badge accessory to complement your ID program, we are confident that you will find what you need by shopping our selection of standard badge reels, available in a broad range of styles, attachment types, clip cover shapes, and colors.


If you want all the functionality of a standard badge reel, plus the opportunity to champion your brand or promote an event or cause, you are a prime candidate for customized badge reels.

These offer options similar to those of standard badge reels (in terms of shape, color, material, etc.), as well as options specific to customization including pad and rim print area specifications, optional domes for your clip covers, and single-color or multicolor custom print options.

What Types of Clothing Attachment Options are Available?

There are a variety of clothing attachment options to choose from when shopping and comparing badge reels. Here is a brief summary of the primary clips and attachment styles available:

  • Belt clip – These simple metal clips are easy to slide on and off without damaging your clothing
  • Spring clip – These spring-loaded clips, also referred to as “alligator clips,” attach easily to any article of clothing
  • Swivel spring clip – Like a standard spring clip, these are spring-loaded and attach easily to any article of clothing, but they also swivel so that you can adjust the positioning of your badge reel to display your ID right-side up no matter where you have it clipped
  • Carabiner clip – These clips are a heavy-duty alternative to the previously mentioned clip styles; carabiners offer a more secure attachment and can also be used in combination with a lanyard or attached to a keyring
  • Lanyard attachment – These badge reels come attached to a lanyard (or are designed to fit to an existing lanyard) and can be worn around the neck for constant visibility and reduced likelihood of detachment