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Standard Badge Reels

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Retractable badge reels are a convenient, accessible option for displaying your organization's ID badges. Featuring a retractable reel, these badge accessories make it incredibly easy to extend ID cards to scan or swipe without unclipping or removing the device from your clothing. Our inventory of standard badge reels includes an assortment of styles, colors, and card attachment options.


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What are my Choices in ID Badge Reel Styles?
What are my Choices in Badge Reel Attachment Styles?

Badge reels offer a variety of options to conveniently attach the retractable reel to your clothing, along with options to attach your card to the reel.

Clothing Attachment Styles:
  • Spring Clip - attaches easily to coats, shirts, or pants (also refered to as an 'alligator clip')
  • Swivel Spring Clip - the swivel feature allows the badge reel to turn when attached
  • Belt Clip - easy to slide on and off with no damage to clothing
  • Carabiner Clip - easily clips to a belt loop in a secure, easy-to-use fashion
  • Lanyard Attachment - combines a reel with a neck lanyard for easy card use and visiblity
Card Attachment Styles:
  • Standard Vinyl Strap - ideal for cards that get minimal use, a vinyl strap easily snaps your ID badge to
    your badge reel
  • Durable Vinyl Strap - made of reinforced vinyl for lasting use
  • Split Ring or Swivel Hook - metal alternatives to vinyl strap attachments
  • Card Clamp - offers a reliable alternative to punching holes in cards

Note: See the retractable badge reel of your choice for the available clothing and card attachment styles.