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Cheap Lanyards

Cheap Lanyards

Find affordable lanyards at ID Wholesaler when you shop our selection of low-budget badge accessories. Select from affordably priced STANDARD LANYARDS and CUSTOM LANYARDS made from quality materials. Our lanyards vary in cost depending on cord style and width, design, and attachment style, with single-color, 1/8-inch thick lanyards costing as little as 24¢ each. Shop by price, color, attachment style, cord width, and/or order quantity.


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Which Type of ID Badge Lanyard is Best for Me?

Lanyards are a simple and economical choice for wearing and displaying ID badges.

  • Custom Badge Lanyards: Proudly display your organization's name, promote your company logo, or broadcast a custom message with personalized lanyards - great for events, giveaways, fundraisers, and for building employee morale! Customization allows you to create unique designs with your choice of color(s) and print fonts, exclusive to custom badge lanyards.
  • Standard Badge Lanyards: A cost-effective and convenient solution for individual ID cards. Choose from a broad range of styles, attachment types, sizes, colors, and additional features (including breakaway safety closures, reflective fabric, earth-friendly materials, and antimicrobial properties to limit germ growth).
  • Breakaway Badge Lanyards: Feature a safety mechanism on the back that automatically releases from around the neck of the wearer if the lanyard or badge is pulled. Breakaway closures help prevent the possibility of choking, making this type of lanyard ideal for schools, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, or anywhere safety is a top priority. Lanyards with a breakaway feature are available in both custom and standard styles.
  • Earth-Friendly Badge Lanyards: Minimize your carbon footprint with custom or standard lanyards made from 100% recycled plastic or bamboo. We have a variety of affordable, earth-friendly lanyard styles to choose from to fit the unique needs of your organization.
What are My Choices in ID Badge Lanyard Styles?


Aside from features such as standard vs. custom, earth-friendly, breakaway, reflective, and anti-microbial, there are style variations to consider when selecting your lanyards. These include cord shape (round or flat), lanyard cord width, adjustable cord length, color (including solid, multicolor, or patterned), and attachment type. To help determine which style of lanyard is best for your needs, let’s take a look at some of the main options:
Lanyards are available in 4 primary widths:
  • 1/8'' round - thinnest option and best for one-time use, such as conferences, trade shows, and events
  • 1/4'' round - offer a safety breakaway and allow your badge to be easily detached from your lanyard
  • 3/4'' flat - a basic option for day-to-day wear, also the smallest width advised for custom printed lanyards (5/8” or wider is better)
  • 5/8'' flat - a great-looking choice for lanyards that will be worn every day, also an ideal width for displaying printed text or design on a custom lanyard

Breakaway or non-breakaway:

The breakaway feature releases the lanyard from the neck when it's pulled, eliminating the risk of choking, as well as the risk of other bodily harm that can result from a lanyard getting caught in operating machinery. Breakaway lanyards are ideal for schools, childcare facilities, nursing homes, manufacturing facilities or factories, dental offices, or anywhere else safety is a priority.

Most common attachment styles:


  • Bulldog clip - easiest to attach to your card, but doesn't swivel
  • Metal swivel hook - swivel helps keep your badge facing forward
  • Split ring - typically used with a strap clip or other attachment
  • Trigger snap swivel hook - easy attachment method that keeps your badge facing forward