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Standard Lanyards

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ID Wholesaler stocks all kinds of lanyards, available in various widths, styles, and colors with your choice of closure and attachment type. Our inventory includes safety breakaway lanyards, reflective and glow-in-the-dark lanyards, earth-friendly lanyards, multicolor lanyards, colored lanyards, adjustable lanyards, printed lanyards, and more. Starting at just 24¢ each and sold in packs of 10-1000, our ready-to-ship lanyards are an affordable way to display ID badges or visitor badges at your organization, fundraiser, or event.


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Have questions about standard lanyards? We have answers!

What is the difference between standard, breakaway, and earth-friendly lanyards?
What are my options for standard lanyard types?

Standard lanyards are a convenient and practical solution to display your organization’s ID cards. Choose from a variety of textures and material types - complete your design with a vast selection of colors and styles to best fit your budget.

Standard Lanyard Material Options:


  • Flat, ribbed polyester material
  • Comfortable and soft to wear


  • Flat form made of tubular polyester
  • Designed to use with DTACH attachment options


  • Made of satin-like, soft material
  • Long-lasting and comfortable to wear

Additional Standard Lanyard Material Options:

Round Braid or Flat Braid:

  • Popular for special events
  • Inexpensive and convenient for ID badges


  • Coated in nanoparticles to prevent odor-causing bacteria and spreading germs
  • Ideal for restaurants, health care and childcare facilities


  • Made with flexible, durable braided polyester around an inner core
  • Uses a black slider in either a diamond or round shape

Additional Speciality Standard Lanyard Material Options:


  • Increases visibility with reflective fabric
  • Ideal when visibility is a concern (e.g. emergency personnel, construction sites, airports)

Pre-printed designs:

  • Show your support and affiliation with pre-printed awareness lanyards
  • Examples: Breast cancer, anti-bullying, autism, or visitor

Specialty materials:

  • Choose from an array of fun fabrics to complete your lanyard design
  • Examples: Zig-zag, round metallic, or rhinestone
What are my other lanyard choices?

From earth-friendly, breakaway, reflective, round, flat, and custom, there are many options to choose from in ID badge lanyard styles. To help you decide which style is best for your needs, we'll take a look at some of the main options:

Lanyards are available in 4 primary widths:
  • 1/8'' round - best for one-time use, such as conferences and trade shows
  • 1/4'' round - offer a safety breakaway and allow your badge to be easily detached from your lanyard
  • 3/4'' flat - a basic option for day-to-day wear
  • 5/8'' flat - a great-looking choice when lanyards will be worn every day
Breakaway or non-breakaway:
  • The breakaway feature releases the lanyard from the neck when it's pulled, eliminating choking risk
  • Breakaway lanyards are ideal for schools, manufacturing facilities, or anywhere safety is a priority
Most common attachment styles:
  • Bulldog clip - easiest to attach to your card, but doesn't swivel
  • Metal swivel hook - swivel helps keep your badge facing forward
  • Split ring - typically used with a strap clip or other attachment
  • Trigger snap swivel hook - easy to attach your badge and keeps your badge facing forward