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HDP5000 Printers

Buy Fargo HDP5000 ID Card Printers

Delivering reliably superior print quality and advanced security, HID HDP5000 printers use retransfer technology to print high-definition images. Printing to a clear film rather than directly to PVC cards, these high-speed printers heat-roll the film to the card. This method allows you to print on uneven surfaces including smart cards, and eliminates unwanted white borders with vivid, “edge-to-edge” imagery. Featuring a modular design for flexibility, Fargo HDP5000 printers offer field upgrades for dual-sided printing, encoding options, lamination, dual-input card hoppers, and more!

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What are the Main Features and Benefits of the HID Fargo HDP5000?

The HID Fargo HDP5000 is a high-definition, high-volume print engine that provide a cost-effective solution for printing and encoding ID cards. Featuring retransfer printing technology, also known as reverse transfer printing, the HDP5000 is able to produce rich, vibrant imagery that floods the entire card surface, from edge to edge – even on cards that contain electronically encoded data, such as smart cards and proximity cards. Unlike a direct-to-card printer, where the printhead comes into direct contact with the card surface, a retransfer printer prints to a clear film that is then thermally fused to the card surface. Fast printing speeds of up to 24 seconds per card and an optional dual-input card hopper make the HDP5000 ideal for medium-to-large sized organizations and other high-volume printing applications. In addition, the HDP5000 is eligible for a number of field upgrades, such as single-to-duplex printing or Ethernet connectivity, making this model a wise investment for organizations with evolving employee identification needs or advanced security requirements.

HDP5000 ID card printers and encoders are powerful, yet easy to use, offering the following features:

  • Retransfer printing technology that spares the printhead from coming into direct contact with the cards, produces edge-to-edge imagery, and is capable of printing to uneven card surfaces (smart cards, prox cards, slotted or punched cards, etc.)
  • Manufacturer lifetime printhead warranty and 3-year printer warranty
  • Intuitive interface with easily-to-follow status messages and an LCD panel with multiple language options
  • HDP dye-sublimation and resin thermal retransfer print methods produce full-color, rich images and crisp, perfectly legible text and barcodes
  • Standard USB and Ethernet connectivity for networked printing and encoding operations
  • Includes free FARGO Workbench™ maintenance and diagnostic software for auto-monitoring the health of your printer
  • High-capacity, AES256 data encryped ribbons, durable film, and a variety of laminate options
  • The ability to print to a variety of cards, including pre-punched cards, perforated cards, prox, contact and contactless smart cards and more
  • Modular printer design for versatility; expand your production or enhance your printer capabilities at any time with field upgradeable modules

Optional field upgrades available for Fargo HDP5000 printers:

  • Dual-input card hopper module with 200-card capacity for streamlining high-volume print production runs; can also be used to manage multiple card stocks
  • Encoding modules for writing data to magnetic stripe cards, as well as contact and contactless smart cards
  • Duplex printing module for affordably upgrading from single-sided to dual-sided printing
  • Printer door and cartridge locks to prevent tampering and illegitimate printer operation
  • Single-sided and dual-sided card lamination modules for laminating printed cards to provide additional durability and security
Should I Choose the Single-Sided or the Dual-Sided HDP5000 ID Card Printer?

When choosing between single-sided and dual-sided HDP5000 printer models, you will want to consider the amount and type(s) of information you need your cards to contain. For example, if you will only be placing basic identification information on your cards, such as the cardholder's photo, name, and title alongside a company logo, the single-sided HDP5000 printer may be ideal for you. However, if you need to place more information on your cards, we recommend the dual-sided HDP5000 printer. The dual-sided model allows you to print to both sides of the card in a single, simple process – saving you valuable time, enhancing cardholder visibility, and increasing card security.

The HDP5000 can be easily upgraded from single- to dual-sided printing with the duplex printing module. If single-sided printing serves your present needs, but you anticipate that you may want dual-sided printing in the future, you can upgrade your printer at any time.

Why Would I Need to Laminate my Cards?

ID cards have come a long way since the days of cutting and pasting paper credentials together. Given the advanced technologies available for today’s ID cards, you may be wondering why anyone would need to laminate printed plastic. While modern ID cards are far more durable and difficult to tamper with or reproduce than ID cards of the past, there are still several key benefits to buffering your cards with the clear, protective layer provided by lamination.

  • Lamination extends the life of your card by protecting it from the effects of normal wear, such as being swiped daily through a magnetic stripe reader
  • It also protects your cards from color fade and dye migration caused by heat and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight
  • When used in combination with holographic overlay, lamination increases the visual security of your cards by making them difficult to copy

It's recommended that you choose a Watch a video on the benefits of lamination

Why Would I Need to Laminate My Plastic Cards?

The Fargo HDP5000 Printer Uses Retransfer Printing Technology. Why Choose Retransfer Technology?

Many experienced card printer users are familiar with the white border that direct-to-card printers leave around the edges of cards. Retransfer printers, on the other hand, produce "over-the-edge" prints that cover the entire card surface. The white border characteristic of cards printed by a direct-to-card printers is unavoidable, as direct-to-card printer printheads print directly to the card and can be damaged by uneven surfaces, including the edge of the card.

Replacing the printhead on your printer interrupts your ID program operation and can be expensive, which is why we recommend a reverse transfer printer if you would like to print “full-bleed” cards saturated with edge-to-edge imagery. A reverse transfer printer also enables you to print onto smart cards, proximity cards, pre-punched cards, and key tags cards – all of which feature minutely uneven card surfaces.

Top Five Benefits of Retransfer Printers

If my Card Needs Change, What Features Can I Add to my HDP5000 Printer in the Future?

As your card printing needs change, Fargo HDP5000 printers can change with you. The following features (also outlined above) are field-upgradeable and can be added to your printer when you place your initial order or at any time in the future:

Dual-sided printing: The HDP5000 duplex module increases the printable area of your cards, allowing you to print on both sides of your card in one process.

Card encoding: Magnetic stripe and smart card (contact and contactless) encoding options are available

Single- or dual-sided lamination: The HDP5000 offers both single- and dual-sided lamination options for protecting your cards from forgery, tampering, and physical wear.

200-card, dual-input hopper or 200-card, single-input hopper: Reduce time spent loading cards and alternating card stocks while increasing your issuance capacity by adding a 200-card dual input hopper or a 200-card single input hopper cartridge with lock to your Fargo HDP5000.