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Retransfer Systems

Shop & Compare Retransfer Fargo ID Card Systems

Each of these retransfer ID systems pairs a Fargo HDP card printer with the software and supplies you need to start printing durable cards with stunning print quality in-house. Fargo HDP retransfer systems are configurable and field-upgradeable. Personalize your Fargo retransfer system by adding advanced printing capabilities to your printer, such as smart card encoding, single-sided or dual-sided lamination, anti-counterfeiting features, and more.

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  1. HDP5000System2 image
    Fargo 89620 HDP5000-LC ID Card System Single-Sided with Lamination
    Item#: HDP5000System2
    Price $6,763.99 MSRP $7,738.98
    You Save: $974.99
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  2. HDP5000System1 image
    Fargo 89600 HDP5000 ID Card System Single-Sided
    Item#: HDP5000System1
    Price $4,170.99 MSRP $5,078.92
    You Save: $907.93
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  3. HDP5000System5 image
    Fargo 89680 HDP5000-LC Dual-Sided ID System with Dual-Sided Lamination
    Item#: HDP5000System5
    Price $8,404.99 MSRP $9,921.68
    You Save: $1,516.69
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  4. HDP5000System4 image
    Fargo 89660 HDP5000-LC Dual-Sided ID System with Single-Sided Lamination
    Item#: HDP5000System4
    Price $7,646.99 MSRP $8,821.62
    You Save: $1,174.63
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  5. 89300 image
    Fargo 89300 HDP5000 ID Card System Single-Sided
    Item#: 89300
    Price $4,729.99 MSRP $6,494.80
    You Save: $1,764.81
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5 Items

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Why Choose a Fargo Retransfer System?
Fargo Retransfer Systems
An ID system provides everything you need to quickly and easily get your card printing program up and running. While Fargo ID card printers can be purchased as stand-alone pieces of equipment, they do not come with all of the necessary supplies to begin making cards. It's very important, especially for first-time card printer users, to also get the supplies necessary for card production.
Our bundled Fargo systems contain supplies and equipment that seamlessly work together. Most retransfer Fargo systems include an HDP printer, software, ribbon, retransfer film, camera, and cards. Each can easily be customized to satisfy your specific needs. For example, you can change the type of card stock, add features to your printer (such as encoding or lamination), or upgrade to a more advanced ID camera. We even offer extended warranty and loaner coverage plans.
Fargo systems are a convenient and economical way to establish a card printing program for organization. ID systems simplify the printer and supply purchasing process by guaranteeing compatibility across system components, plus they save you money. Our ID systems cost less than the sum of their components.
Should I Consider a Laminating Retransfer Fargo System?
Laminating Fargo Retransfer SystemsApply laminate to your printed cards using a HDP Fargo printer with lamination capability to:
  • Extend the life of your cards
  • Protect your cards from fading, dye migration, and UV exposure
  • Increase the security of your cards by making them difficult to copy
We recommend our laminating HDP Fargo systems if you will be swiping your printed credentials through a mag stripe reader daily or if your ID badges will be exposed to harsher environments (including prolonged exposure to the sun).