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Easily order your programmed iClass contactless smart cards online today! Shop from our selection of iClass contactless smart cards and choose your base iClass card, select your format and programming options, and pick your card configuration add-ons then go ahead and place your order.


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What are iClass Cards?

iClass cards allow you to combine contactless smart technology with a contact chip and/or a magnetic stripe. iClass contactless smart cards feature 13.56 MHz read/write contactless high-speed communication. Choose 26-bit (H10301) format, 37-bit (H10302) format or 35-bit Corporate 1000 format cards and configure your programming options.

26-bit proximity cards

  • Are also known as format H10301 cards, 26-bit cards are the most common type of proximity card
  • When placing an order for 26-bit H10301 cards, specify your facility code & card start number
  • You are in complete control of tracking the card numbers used in each of your facilities
  • There is a risk of duplicating card numbers in 26-bit cards, especially when multiple locations place card orders or staff changes

37-bit proximity cards

  • Are also known as format H10302 cards
  • Because HID manages the card numbers, you don't need to specify facility code or card start number
  • HID controls card numbering, guaranteeing that card numbers are never duplicated (across all 37-bit cards)
  • You will be ensured that no card numbers are ever duplicated
  • Note: card numbers will be sequential on a single order, but there will be gaps in numbers across your entire inventory of cards
How Do I Know that My Cards will be Compatible with My Reader?

There are three primary factors that affect compatibility between iClass cards and proximity card readers.

  1. The reader must be capable of reading the card frequency. For example, the pcProx Plus Enroll Prox Card Reader can read 125 kHz prox cards and 13.56 MHz contactless cards.
  2. Some readers are programmed to only read 26-bit, 37-bit, or 35-bit Corporate 1000 cards.
  3. Some readers are programmed to only read a proprietary card that must be reordered from the original proximity program provider.

While you can look at your card reader's specifications, the best way to ensure compatibility is to reorder the same iClass cards with the same configurations. This information is often found on the packaging from the original cards. If you are unable to locate this information, call an ID Professional -- We're happy to help!