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IDP offers three types of laminates – clear, clear with smart chip cut-outs and hologram. IDP laminates provide a layer of protection over your printed cards, making them more durable and providing protection from wear and fading. While clear laminates offer standard protection, hologram laminates go further by embedding a holographic watermarks to your ID cards, securing your cards from tampering and counterfeiting. Get yours today, and save money with our guaranteed low prices and FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100!


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Have Questions about IDP Laminate? We Have Answers!

How do I know which Laminate to use in my IDP printer?

There are two ways to find manufacturer-approved IDP laminate for your specific printer model.

  1. Use the Printer Supplies Finder at the top of this page. To quickly and easily find laminate for your IDP ID card printer, simply select your IDP printer model! It’s a great tool to bookmark for future ordering!
  2. Use the "Refine Your Results" options in the left column to drill down by printer model, laminate thickness, and more!

As always, if you have any difficulty finding the IDP laminate you need, you can also call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405 x2.

What is the Difference Between the Different Types of IDP Laminates?

Laminate is a clear layer of film that is applied to the top of a printed card during the regular printing process in a laminating IDP printer. While all laminate offers added card durability and fade resistance, there are some differences to consider when deciding which one is best for your use:

  • Clear laminate is simply a clear film that provides added durability to your cards.
Clear laminate with smart chip cut-out allows you to laminate your smart cards without potentially damaging or covering the smart card chips.
Holographic laminate includes an embedded holographic design. In addition to providing card durability, holographic laminate makes your cards more distinct and difficult to counterfeit. Holographic laminates come in a variety of standard designs, as well as custom designs for the highest level of card security.