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Why Your Business Needs an Access Control System

Small- and medium-sized business (SMB) leaders have a lot on their plate — now more than ever. Your time is pulled in a million different directions, with 20 of the 50+ hours the typical SMB leader works every week getting eaten up by peripheral, non-revenue generating tasks like administration and HR. It might seem like […]

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7 Things to Consider When Selecting an Access Control System

Congratulations! You’ve made the savvy decision to upgrade how you secure your small- or medium-sized business (SMB) with a smart access control system. Between the increased security risks that businesses face and employee demand for greater flexibility, this situation is a no-brainer. Traditional locks and physical keys just don’t allow for the security, simplicity and […]

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Entering door with traditional key

3 Reasons to Replace Traditional Locks with an Access Control System

t’s not hard to see the business case for moving from physical keys to a smart access control system. It adds convenience for your employees, saves you time and money normally wasted managing keys and rekeying locks, and significantly enhances the security around your business.

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SimpleAccess mobile reader for access control

Why Access Control Matters More Than Ever

Access Control to secure small and medium sized business is changing. If you’re still on the fence about upgrading your business’s door access control system, read on to discover why now is the time to revamp your approach to physical security.

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Information on the 4 Most Common ID Card Types

The 4 Most Common ID Card Types

Watch our informational to get a better understanding of the most common ID card types and which features and functionality meet your specific needs.

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Proximity Cards

The Current State of Access Control Card Use

Most individuals understand the concept behind proximity cards, but how do they really work? Check out our access control survey results!

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Visual ID Card Security

Visual Card Security

With the increased sophistication of counterfeiters, the need for stronger ID card security and fraud protection has never been greater.

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Data Storage on ID Cards

ID Card Data Storage

Understand your options when it comes to contact smart cards, contactless smart cards, proximity cards, and more at ID Wholesaler!

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Proximity Cards

Choosing & Implementing the Right Proximity Card for Your Organization

Find out how to integrate physical security, data protection, and user convenience under a single card-based system for your organization.

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Information on the Fargo HDP5600XE Printer

Have You Seen the Fargo HDP5600XE Printer Yet?

Learn more about Fargo’s HDP5600XE High-definition Retransfer ID Card Printer that offers the option of 600 dpi printing

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Proximity Card

6 Tips for Ordering Proximity Cards

An ID Professional explains the six things you’ll need to provide us when ordering proximity cards.

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Retransfer Printing

Why Retransfer is Better than Direct-to-Card Printing

Find out the technology behind reverse transfer ID printers and whether this type of printer technology is right for your organization.

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