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student ID badge

Secure ID Badging Trends for the Upcoming School Year

ID Wholesaler, along with secure card issuance industry partner, Entrust, shared ID badging trends for physical access security provided by education institutions across the nation. The 2023-2024 school year security insights were broadcast in a webinar hosted by Campus Safety, a leading publication for security directors and executive administrators involved in the public safety of schools and universities.

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State of ID Badging Survey Image

Survey Shows ID Badging Programs Expected to Grow in 2023

We’re excited to share the results from our 2023 State of ID Badging survey with you! We’ll break down responses to questions about how ID badging programs are expected to change, the trends behind the changes, how participants shop for ID supplies, and the adoption of new access control solutions.

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Printer with recycle symbol

What Should I Do with My Old Printer?

When it’s time to replace your ID card printer, you may wonder what you should do with your old printer. Find out how to recycle your ID card printer and even save money on your next printer purchase.

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Patients at Children’s Therapy Center of the Quad Cities give Temperature Screening Kiosks a Thumbs-up

For the Children’s Therapy Centers of the Quad Cities, the Temperature Screening Kiosk offered more than a safe and efficient method to screen temperatures for hundreds of patients. It turned out to be a big hit with young patients that delighted in the unique scanning technology!

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Cloudbadging Location Management

CloudBadging Location Management: protecting the people and places that power your organization

Protect the people who power your organization by knowing who enters your building, and when. Learn about a simple, automated kiosk solution that handles health screenings, policy updates, and location tracing from a single source.

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Back to Work Basics: Temperature Screening for a Healthier Workforce

The necessity to properly screen staff and visitors is on the rise. Temperature Screening Kiosks can help increase the health and safety of your facility.

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ID Cards on Demand – We can print your badges for you!

Printing your own badges isn’t for every organization. ID Wholesaler now offers ID Cards on Demand – a badge printing service with flexible options.

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HID Corporate 1000 MIFARE FlexSmart Cards

HID Corporate 1000 MIFARE Smart Cards

Learn more about the HID Corporate 1000 MIFARE FlexSmart Cards — a new credential that provides additional security and dependability for protecting employees and company assets.

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Shipping Box

When Will My ID Wholesaler Order Arrive?

We always do our very best to ship orders quickly. Learn more about our standard processing time and things to keep in mind when you place your next order.

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