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Color Ribbons

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Magicard color ribbons are used for printing a combination of full-color images and one-color text or barcodes. Find your Magicard color ribbon today in one convenient stop, and Save today with our guaranteed lowest prices and FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100.


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How Do I Know Which Color Ribbon to Use in my Magicard Printer?

There are two ways to find manufacturer-approved Magicard color ribbons for your specific printer model.

  1. Use the Printer Supplies Finder at the top of this page. To quickly and easily find color ribbons for your Magicard ID card printer, simply select your Magicard printer model! It’s a great tool to bookmark for future ordering!
  2. Use the "Narrow Your Results By" options in the left column to drill down by printer model, ribbon type, and more!

    As always, if you have any difficulty finding the Magicard color ribbon you need, you can also call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405 x2.

What is the Difference Between YMCKO and YMCKOK Ribbons?

YMCKO vs. YMCKOK Card Samples

Magicard ID card printer card samples

Magicard ID card printers use color ribbons that are sectioned into a number of panels. The panel types vary and can be a little confusing if you’re not aware of the different types. The ribbon panels are represented by letters, most commonly including:

  • Y = Yellow dye sublimation panel
  • M = Magenta dye sublimation panel
  • C = Cyan dye sublimation panel
  • K = Black resin panel for printing crisp text and barcodes
  • O = Overlay panel to protect the cards and delay fading

Two of the most common types of ribbons used in a Magicard direct-to-card printer are YMCKO and YMCKOK. What's the difference? Magicard YMCKO ribbons print in full color (YMC) and resin black (K) on the front of the card with an overlay (O) to protect the card. If you are using a dual-sided printer, you may print in YMCKO on both sides of the card. Magicard YMCKOK ribbons, on the other hand, are designed for use in dual-sided printers. They print in full color and resin black on the front of the card with an overlay, plus have an extra K panel for printing in black on the back of cards.

The ribbon that best suits your needs will depend on your printer model, what you’ll be printing on your cards, and how your cards will be used. If you need assistance finding the right Magicard color ribbon, call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405.

What is the Magicard Dual-Sided Printing Upgrade Kit?

Magicard offers an innovative way to upgrade to duplex printing - whenever you need it! The Dual-Sided Printing Upgrade Kit allows you to upgrade the single-sided Magicard Enduro or Rio Pro to duplex printing quickly and easily!

You might wonder why the upgrade kit listed on the Magicard Color Ribbons page. The kit is really just a special roll of YMCKOK ribbon recognized by your Magicard Enduro or Rio Pro ID card printer to instantly enable two-sided card printing. This industry-first upgrade technology requires no additional hardware or tools - just drop in the upgrade kit and your Magicard Enduro or Rio Pro ID card printer will do the rest!

Please note: It is only necessary to purchase the Upgrade Kit on a one-time basis to activate your card printer for duplex printing. To place an order for additional YMCKOK ribbon, please refer to the Magicard YMCKOK Color Ribbon.