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Our Magicard photo ID systems ship FREE and come with all of the supplies required to launch your ID card program. Choose from single-sided and dual-sided printers, available with direct-to-card or retransfer printing technology and a host of optional printer features.

Our award-winning service means we're here for you today and well-after your purchase. Call if you need assistance selecting the right system for your needs.

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  1. Magicard Pronto Photo ID System - Single-Sided
    Magicard Pronto Photo ID System - Single-Sided
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Have Questions about Magicard ID Systems? We Have Answers!

Why Choose a Magicard ID system?

Our Magicard ID systems provide everything you need to quickly and easily get your card printing program up and running. While Magicard printers can be purchased as stand-alone pieces of equipment, they do not come with all of the ancillary supplies needed to begin printing IDs. It's very important, especially for first-time card printer users, to ensure that you have all of the supplies necessary for card production.

Our bundled Magicard systems contain supplies and equipment that seamlessly work together. In addition to the Magicard printer model of your choice, most include ID software, a printer ribbon, photo ID camera, and blank cards. Before submitting your order, you can customize your system to include a different card type, additional printer features (such as encoding or lamination), a more advanced ID camera or ID software, extended warranty and/or loaner coverage, and more.

Purchasing a complete Magicard system simplifies your ID program purchase decision and costs less than purchasing all system components separately. In short, our Magicard ID systems offer a convenient and economical way to establish a card printing program at your business or organization.

What's the Difference Between a Single-Sided and a dual-Sided Magicard ID system?

Simply put, a single-sided system prints on one side of your cards and a dual-sided printer prints on both sides of your cards in one process.

Choose a single-sided Magicard system if you will be creating ID cards with limited cardholder information. On the other hand, if you want the front of your cards to remain clean and uncluttered, choose a dual-sided Magicard system. Printing some of your card-holder info on the back of your cards will keep the front of your cards looking their best while freeing up more printing real estate for additional cardholder info!

Unsure what your future holds? The single-sided Magicard Enduro and Rio Pro systems can be easily upgraded to two-sided printing with a duplex upgrade kit. The simple drop-in kit contains a special roll of YMCKOK film that is recognized by Magicard Enduro 3E, Enduro3E LE, Rio Pro, and Rio Pro LE printers and instantly enables two-sided card printing. This industry-first upgrade technology requires no additional hardware or tools; just drop in the kit and your printer will do the rest!

If you are unsure whether your needs may change in the future, or perhaps you may be planning to expand how your cards will be used, we recommend shopping for a Magicard printer that offers easy upgrade options so they're there when you need them.

What is a Retransfer System?

Many experienced card printer users are familiar with the white border that direct-to-card printers leave around the edge of cards. Retransfer printers, on the other hand, produce "over-the-edge" prints that cover the entire surface of your cards.

Because direct-to-card printers print directly to the surface of cards, any variance in the print surface -- including brief contact with a slot punch or the edge of the card -- can cause expensive printhead damage.

Retransfer printers, like the Magicard Helix or Prima 4, print your card image to a clear retransfer film that is then fused onto the surface of the card. With this process, the printhead does not come in direct contact with your card, allowing you to print over the edge of your cards and to a wider variety of card surfaces including proximity cards, smart cards, pre-punched cards and key tag cards.

Another benefit: retransfer printers produce imagery with rich, vibrant, saturated colors.