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Prox Card Readers

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Proximity and HID card readers are data capture devices used to extract information stored on access control cards, contactless smart cards, and/or key tags. While primarily used for access control, prox and HID card readers can also be used to enhance site security, track time and attendance, manage site visitors, and more. They are easy to install and seamlessly integrate with existing indoor and outdoor access control systems.


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What is a Proximity Card Reader?

A prox card reader is a data capture device that detects and ''reads'' the information that is embedded on proximity cards, key fobs, and key tags. Most readers do not require additional software to process card data, and many are very easy to install.

The two most common card reader frequencies are:

  • 125 kHz proximity cards
  • 13.56 smart cards

All of the prox card readers we offer at ID Wholesaler feature the technology necessary to read 125kHz prox cards. In addition to reading prox cards, the pcProx Plus Enroll Prox Card Reader and HID Contactless multiCLASS SE R40 & Prox Card Reader combine the ability to read both prox cards and 13.56 MHz smart cards.

What are the Most Common Uses for Prox Card Readers?

The type of prox card reader you purchase should be based on the card reader's compatibility with the proximity card that is used at your organization or facility. The majority of prox card readers are compatible with and can read today’s most popular proximity cards.

Some readers are programmed to only read specific formats (e.g., 26-bit, 37-bit, etc.), so it is important to select the appropriate model.