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ZXP Series 9 Printers

Buy Zebra ZXP Series 9 ID Card Printers

The ZXP Series 9 by Zebra provides the speed and printing efficiency of a direct-to-card printer, but with the full capabilities and superior print quality of retransfer technology. Available with your choice of single-sided or dual-sided printing, the ZXP 9 ID card printer comes standard with Ethernet and USB connectivity, and is configurable for optional wireless networking.

Starring Zebra's Color Predictive Technology (CPT), the Series 9 uses patented image-processing algorithms to ensure consistently optimal print quality - whether you're printing; printing and encoding; or printing, encoding, and laminating your cards. There's a Zebra ZXP 9 card printer for every application. Explore configurations below.

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Have Questions About Zebra ZXP Series 9 Card Printers? We Have Answers!

What are the Main Features and Benefits of the Zebra ZXP 9?

Zebra ZXP Series 9 printers meet and exceed user standards when it comes to image quality, performance, and throughput (the length of time required per card from input to output). A second generation ZXP Series 9 improves upon the ZXP Series 8 by offering user-selectable print modes, an enhanced toolbox, and more. Configurable to serve applications ranging from basic photo identification with time and attendance tracking to high-security with dual-sided lamination, the ZXP Series 9 is scalable for a variety of users.

Features and benefits of the Zebra ZXP Series 9 include:

  • Reverse transfer technology for over-the-edge printing and smart card precision (print right up to contact chips and over uneven surfaces)
  • Standard and fine print user-selectable print modes that let you choose between optimum print speed or graphically enhanced printing (imagery comparable to 600 DPI printers) enabled by patented Color Predictive Technology
  • Fast print speeds (comparable to direct-to-card); print up to 190 single-sided or 180 dual-sided full-color cards per hour
  • Choice of single-sided printing, dual-sided printing, dual-sided printing with single-sided lamination, or dual-sided printing with dual-sided lamination
  • Uses Zebra waste-free laminate media for significant cost savings and reduced waste
  • USB 2.0 and 10/100 Ethernet for local area networks, plus optional Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Optional encoding with your choice of magnetic stripe, combined MIFARE contactless and contact smart card, or contact station (compatible with third-party smart card encoders)
  • Intuitive user interface with a 21-character, 6-line LCD display and instructional prompts, plus auto-calibration of media and ZMotif virtual printware software support for seamless operation
  • 150-card (30 mil.) capacity feeder and 100-card output, plus a 15-card reject hopper and optional additional 150-card input hopper
  • Batch printing and single card feed capabilities
  • Kensington lock slot, plus an optional enclosure lock for additional physical security
Should I Choose the Single-Sided or the Dual-Sided ZXP Series 9 ID Card Printer?

Think about what types of information (and how much information) your card printing application requires. For the basics (such as company name, cardholder name, employee ID number, and photo ID), single-sided printing should be fine. But if your cards require more information or advanced visual security elements, dual-sided printing is a better option. If you want to add lamination to your cards, you will need to choose dual-sided printing; the single-sided ZXP 9 is not configurable for lamination.

Note:While it is possible to use a single-sided card printer to create dual-sided cards, we recommend investing in a dual-sided ZXP 9 if you know that you want to print to both sides of your cards. Flipping cards manually and sending through the printer for a second pass is inefficient from a production standpoint and can lead to card jams or mechanical error.

Why Would I Need to Laminate my Cards?

Lamination coats your card with a thin, clear protective layer and offers three primary benefits:

  • Extended card life
  • Protects printed cards from dye migration caused by exposure to heat and UV rays
  • Allows you to add holograms so that your cards are more difficult to duplicate for unauthorized or fraudulent use

As a general rule, anyone who plans to include magnetic stripes on their cards and will be routinely swiping them through a magstripe reader, or anyone who in search of reliable, maximum security card printing, should opt for the ZXP 9 with single-sided or dual-sided lamination.

The Zebra ZXP Series 9 Printer Uses Retransfer Printing Technology. Why Choose Retransfer Technology?

Many experienced card printer users are familiar with the white border that direct-to-card printers often leave around the edge of the printed cards. While some direct-to-card printers boast “edge-to-edge” printing that leaves a less noticeable border, they can never match the “over-the-edge” surface coverage of a retransfer printer. This is because direct-to-card printers involve a printing process that can endanger the printhead if used to print onto uneven card surface (including printing past the card edge).

With a retransfer printer like the Zebra ZXP Series 9, you can print onto all card types (including proximity cards, smart cards, and even UHF Gen 2 RFID cards) - plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty on the printhead.

Need another reason? Retransfer printers typically deliver better image quality as compared to direct-to-card printers. The ZXP 9 performs at 304 DPI, for example, but thanks to its retransfer technology and Zebra’s patented Color Predictive Technology (CPT), it produces results like that of a 600 DPI printer.