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Earth Friendly Accessories

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ID Wholesaler offers a full line-up of earth-friendly badge accessories, including lanyards, badge holders, and badge clips. An ideal solution for environmentally conscientious organizations, all are durable and made using biodegradable, recycled, or otherwise earth-friendly materials. Shop our selection by product category below – and feel good about your purchase!


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How To Go Green with Earth-Friendly Badge Accessories

Earth-friendly badge accessories

On Earth Day and every other day of the year, we’d like to remind you that there are a number of ways that your card printing program can “go green!”  From earth-friendly printers, supplies, cards, lanyards, badge holders, and badge clips, there are many options for health- and earth-conscious organizations.

  • ID Card Printers
    A “green” ID card printing program begins with an energy-efficient ID card printer. Several ID card printer models offer unique features such as improved energy-efficiency, biodegradable supply cores, recyclable materials, and a power-down button to conserve energy when not in use. For example, the Fargo DTC1500 and  Datacard SD Series are ENERGY STAR® qualified.
  • ID Cards
    Our bioPVC cards are made from 99% PVC that is fully biodegradable and leaves no damaging toxins behind. They maintain their integrity under normal, everyday use; they can get wet, be left on the shelf, left in a wallet, printed on, vacuum formed, cut, embossed, and UV treated without breaking down. Biodegradation takes place only when the cards are in a fertile environment in which microorganisms are present.
  • Lanyards
    There are a number of lanyards made from 100% recycled plastic or bamboo. Our PET lanyards are made from 100% recycled plastic and bamboo lanyards are made from fast-growing bamboo, which is a sustainable resource, biodegradable, naturally bacteria-resistant, and very soft. They can even be customized with your logo or the text of your choice; after all, an earth friendly lanyard is one that you’ll be proud to put your name on!
  • Badge Holders
    Available in landscape and portrait formats, our earth friendly badge holders are made from phthalates-free, DOP-free vinyl, which means they don’t contain environmental pollutants or contaminates.
  • Badge Clips
    If you’ve printed your ID badges on earth friendly bioPVC cards, clip your card to your clothing with an earth friendly badge clip! Our earth-friendly clips include a strap that is made from phthalates-free, DOP-free PVC which prevents contamination to our environment.
What are the Benefits of Earth-Friendly Lanyards?

Bamboo Lanyards & PET Lanyards

If you’re looking to purchase lanyards to fasten your photo ID badges, consider choosing earth-friendly bamboo lanyards and PET lanyards.

Because of its strength and fast growth, bamboo is a preferred material for manufacturing of earth-friendly lanyards. This rapidly growing plant has an average growth rate of up to 1.5 inches an hour and offers extraordinary strength for long-lasting, reliable use. Not only are bamboo lanyards highly durable but like bio-PVC cards, they’re also biodegradable and break down when exposed to natural organisms present in landfills or recycling station.

Another unique feature of bamboo lanyards is that they naturally resist bacteria with a unique anti-bacterial bio-agent named “bamboo kun.” This bio-agent prevents bacteria and odors from accumulating, making the bamboo badge lanyard especially suited for active workplaces, like industrial jobs, child or elder care facilities, medical clinics, and more.

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) badge lanyards are entirely composed of recycled plastic material. Use of this durable plastic is preferred by many environmentally conscious organizations or corporations due to the reduced amount of petroleum being consumed in the production of badge lanyards. By using PET badge lanyards, you can be assured that you’re helping keep petroleum consumption and emissions low.

If you’re interested in purchasing earth-friendly ID badge lanyards, check out our selection of bamboo lanyards and PET lanyards.