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Retransfer Film

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Save and receive award-winning service from the ID Professionals at ID Wholesaler when you shop our selection of EDIsecure retransfer film for your EDIsecure XID card printer. We offer a lowest-price guarantee, plus FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100. Need additional EDIsecure supplies? Get everything you need in one place – we carry color ribbons, mono ribbons, cleaning kits, and more.

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  1. DIC10319 image
    EDIsecure DIC10319 Reverse Transfer Film - 1,000 Prints - DISCONTINUED
    Item#: DIC10319
    Price $135.00 MSRP $150.00
    You Save: $15.00
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  2. EDIsecure ART Retransfer Film
    EDIsecure ART Retransfer Film
    Item#: PR000819
    Price $142.99 MSRP $150.00
    You Save: $7.01
    • 1,000 prints
    • Clear
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  3. DIC10085 image
    EDIsecure DIC10085 Reverse Transfer Film - 1,000 Prints
    Item#: DIC10085
    Price $157.99 MSRP $170.00
    You Save: $12.01
    • 1,000 prints
    • Clear
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How Do I Know Which Retransfer Film to Use in my EDIsecure Printer?

To quickly and easily find retransfer film for your EDIsecure ID card printer, simply use the "Narrow Your Results By" options in the left column! As always, if you have any difficulty finding the retransfer film that you need, you can also call an ID Professional at (800) 321-4405.

What is Retransfer Film?

Retransfer film is required to print on cards with a retransfer printer, such as the EDIsecure Prima 4. Retransfer printers print the card image to the underside of retransfer film and then apply it to the surface of the card, "sandwiching" the image between the film and the card.

With this process, the printhead does not come in direct contact with your card, allowing you to print over the edge of your cards and to a wider variety of card surfaces including proximity cards, smart cards, pre-punched cards and key tag cards. Another benefit: retransfer printers produce imagery with rich, vibrant, saturated colors.